As America’s first research university, Johns Hopkins prides itself on fueling academic inquiry, fostering innovation, and facilitating discoveries that resonate on a global scale.

At the Johns Hopkins School of Education, we strive to effect transformative change at local, national, and international levels. Our graduates become integral members of a global alumni network that is actively engaged in shaping student outcomes and influencing education policies. We prepare future educators, counselors, and educational professionals with rigorous academic experiences, leaving a lasting impact on communities around the world.

We are deeply committed to creating diverse and inclusive environments that drive change and unleash the power of education for all students. Our esteemed faculty members and scholars diligently work to enhance educational outcomes through data-driven insights and evidence-based impact, and our extensive network of educators, administrators, policymakers, and community leaders collaboratively work towards elevating education — not just within our institution but worldwide.

A Global Vision for Education: Our Impact Around the World

  • 1,2K Graduate Students

    We enroll approximately 1,250 students each year.

  • 24K Alumni

    The Johns Hopkins School of Education has an engaged, global alumni network.

  • 40 Countries

    Our students come from more than 40 countries around the world.

  • Nurturing Knowledge

    Johns Hopkins University is dedicated to bringing knowledge to the world. Our community conducts ongoing research at locations in more than 110 countries.

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Vicky Lu, EdD ’22

Education Director, Education in Motion

“I’m a firm believer in student agency and positive education….I’ve worked collaboratively with other educators to create a progressive curriculum framework for student social and emotional development.”

Vicky Lu headshot.

Vicky Lu is passionate about education in multicultural and intercultural contexts. Throughout her career, she’s served as a teacher, head of faculty, curriculum director, and education director. In her current role at Asia-based Education in Motion, she oversees language-related development across the organization and the teaching and learning at the organization's bilingual schools. Lu also earned a Master of Teaching at the University of Melbourne, a Master of Arts in East Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and dual bachelor’s degrees in Chinese and English language/literature from Beijing Normal University.