Promoting curiosity, critical discourse, and perspective-taking in a rigorous course of study. Johns Hopkins is preparing the next generation of leaders to positively impact societal change.

Johns Hopkins prepares exceptional interdisciplinary educational leaders to address pressing policy and practice challenges in America’s schools. Pursuing an evidence-oriented course of study with an aggressive focus on methodology and statistics, candidates develop the skills and expertise needed to produce peer-reviewed research — and earn a productive place in the community of education policy leaders nationwide.

Immerse yourself in a rigorous interdisciplinary training program that cultivates your ability to conduct evidence-based research to solve real-world educational challenges — often with profound impact on historically underserved students and schools. The world-class research skills you gain at Johns Hopkins will prepare you for faculty, leadership, and policymaking roles you might pursue.

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I strongly believe that a Johns Hopkins doctoral degree can help me achieve my goal of transforming Kosova’s educational system.

Egzon Gashi Current Student, EdD program, CEO, Teach For Kosova
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15% Increase

In demand for educational leaders is projected to grow between 7 and 15% over the next 10 years. Source: Hanover Research

Prepare for Leadership

Coursework includes the latest research on the social determinants of education; mind, brain, and teaching; entrepreneurship; data and measurement; and technology, allowing you to customize an individualized program of study that aligns with your interests. Students benefit from a one-to-one apprenticeship model that pairs exceptional interdisciplinary candidates with nationally acclaimed faculty mentors. It is all combined with engaging coursework, sophisticated methodological training, and cohort-based learning with top-notch colleagues.

Policy Into Practice

Advance your education career through a mix of rigorous, interdisciplinary academics and hands-on experience in today’s demanding and diverse learning environments. The Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy is dedicated to integrating research, policy, and practice to achieve educational excellence for America’s educators—and America’s students.

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