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As a student at the Johns Hopkins School of Education, you’ll join esteemed thought leaders and respected scholars in any one of our wide range of over 25 degree and certificate programs.

We’ve streamlined our application process so it’s easy to navigate — with clear deadlines and defined requirements. 

Straightforward information about tuition, fees, and financial aid pathways affirm our belief that financial constraints should not limit your plans to create educational impact.

Starting an application isn’t always easy. To aid your decision making, whether as an international student or a non-degree seeking student, we offer a diverse array of resources. In fact, we’re committed to delivering comprehensive assistance throughout your academic journey — from application to graduation, and beyond.

Admission Essentials: Empowering Your Educational Journey

At the Johns Hopkins School of Education, we offer extensive resources to simplify the admissions process, including details on how to apply, key deadlines, and required documentation, as well as comprehensive information on tuition, fees, and financial aid opportunities. Recognizing the diverse needs of our future students, we also offer specialized guidance for international students and non-degree applicants too.

How to Apply

Embarking on a graduate application process can be daunting. To make it less overwhelming, we have segmented the process into manageable, comprehensible steps.

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Meet Your Trusted Guides: The Admissions Team

The Johns Hopkins School of Education admissions team functions as a strategic bridge, linking prospective scholars with our world-renowned graduate programs. Possessing a detailed understanding of our admissions process, they provide personalized assistance to address your questions regarding degree programs, certificate programs, your application, financial aid, costs, and more. Connect with us today.

James McCarty
Associate Director of Admissions
Programs Supported: Counseling, Education Policy, TeachingWell, TFA/TNTP, Special Education
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Serena Stewart Serena Stewart
Assistant Director of Admissions
Programs Supported: PhD, EdD, MEd in the Health Professions, ITGL
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Upcoming Admissions Events

Have questions about our degree programs, the application, or financial aid and costs? Join us for an inside look at a graduate experience defined by innovation and driven by evidence-based research. Learn more about your area of interest or career path, meet some of our faculty, and connect to the Johns Hopkins School of Education community. Check out our admissions events and register for a virtual information session today.

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