Your gift to the Johns Hopkins School of Education helps us deliver world-class research, launch innovative academic programs, and promote evidence-based policy and practices. There are many ways your gift can support our mission—and many ways to give.

Strategic Priorities

  • Wherever need is greatest

    Unrestricted funds are used to address the area of greatest need, allowing flexibility to respond to unforeseen challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Dean's Innovation Fund

    Your gift provides seed funding for high-impact projects and innovative ideas that come up during the year such as the launch of the eSchool+ Initiative.

  • Emergency Relief Fund

    Your gift to the Student Emergency Relief Fund offers a lifeline to students who are encountering financial challenges and unexpected obstacles.

  • Other School Priorities

    • - Alumni Annual Scholarship Fund
    • - SOE Research Fund


  • Henderson-Hopkins School

    Your gift to Henderson-Hopkins provides essential resources and support for the continued operation of the School of Education’s flagship partnership school, located in East Baltimore near Johns Hopkins Hospital.

  • MEHP Scholarship Fund

    Your gift supports a new generation of health professionals to serve as education leaders and researchers for schools and training programs in the health professions through the Master of Education in the Health Professions program.

  • Counseling Scholarship Fund

    Your gift supports a new generation of counseling professionals through the MS in Counseling program.

  • Other Programs You Can Support

    • Robert Keddell Memorial Fund
    • The Jeffrey A. Grigg Memorial Award

Research Centers

  • Center for Research & Reform in Education

    Your gift to the Center for Research & Reform in Education will help improve the quality of education for disadvantaged children in grades pre-K to 12 through high-quality research and evaluation studies and the dissemination of evidence-based research.

  • Center for Safe & Healthy Schools

    Your gift to the Center for Safe & Healthy Schools helps us take on the complex, urgent issue of school safety with comprehensive, evidence-based solutions focused on student well-being, safety, and learning success.

  • Center for Social Organization of Schools

    Your gift to the Center for Social Organization of Schools supports the staff of full-time sociologists, psychologists, and educators, who study how the organization of schools can impact the academic achievement, development, and future career success of students.

  • Center for Technology in Education

    Your gift supports efforts to develop and deploy innovative, technology-enhanced tools, improving educational and occupational prospects worldwide.

  • Institute for Education Policy

    Your gift supports researchers working to unite the efforts of K-12 educators and policy makers to transform American education through focused research.

Ways to Give

  • By Check

    Mail your check, made payable to Johns Hopkins University, to: Johns Hopkins University + Medicine Attn: School of Education PO Box 49142 Baltimore, MD 21297-9142

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  • Donate Assets

    Gifts of appreciated securities offer tax benefits, qualifying as charitable deductions for fair market value as well as avoiding of capital gains tax. You also can donate almost any real estate while retaining its lifetime use. To get started, contact Philip Porter, associate director of development.

  • Create a Gift Plan

    We can help you create a custom plan with excellent tax advantages to make a gift of special, lasting impact. Donate a gift annuity or a remainder trust while retaining returns from the investment. Leave a bequest and secure an estate-tax charitable deduction for the full value of the gift.