As America’s first research university, Johns Hopkins has been developing education leaders for more than 100 years. Ranked among the top education grad schools by U.S. News & World Report, the Johns Hopkins School of Education translates innovative research into practice every day.

Join an education movement that creates new areas of research and makes a lasting impact.

  • 2 Doctorate programs

  • 27 PhD candidates

  • 235 EdD candidates

  • 5 Research Centers

Doctor of Philosophy in Education

The School of Education’s full-time PhD program offers a unique learning experience where the course of study is individually tailored based on the student’s interest in finding solutions to pressing problems in education. Select applicants receive full tuition and a stipend.

Doctor of Education

The selective, part-time EdD program is designed for practicing educators, offering tools for leadership development and the application of evidence-based methods. Our comprehensive, research-based curriculum enables you to specialize in urban leadership; mind, brain, and teaching; entrepreneurial leadership; or instructional design in online teaching and learning.

The dossier option is redefining educational research for social justice. I am learning how to conduct, translate, and creatively apply rigorous research that will directly benefit my communities.

Tonio Nguyen Current Student
Tonio Nguyen, Current student

15% Demand for educational leaders is projected to grow between 7 and 15% over the next 10 years.

Source: Hanover Research