As you consider an investment in your educational journey at the Johns Hopkins School of Education, we want you to have access to straightforward and transparent information regarding our tuition, fees, and the overall cost of attendance.

Posted tuition rates for each graduate degree program are for the following terms: Summer 2023, Fall 2023, and Spring 2024.

Tuition is calculated per credit and course; rates vary by program and the number of credits enrolled each term. Select your program of interest and see the estimated range of current tuition and fees using the baseline curriculum.

Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Programs
Online Doctor of Education Program (EdD)$1,900 per credit
Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)$48,016*

*All PhD students at SOE receive tuition, stipend, and student health insurance benefits, typically for a minimum of four years.

Master’s Degree, Graduate and Post-Master’s Certificate Programs

Master's Degree, Graduate and Post-Master's Certificate Programs
Graduate Education Courses (Online and onsite)$1,025 per credit
Technology Fee - Charged for Online Courses (All master's degree and graduate certificate programs except where listed below)$20 per credit Technology Fee

Special Program Tuition Rates

Special Program Tuition Rates
Counseling On-Site/Face-to-Face CoursesStudents matriculating in Fall 2023, $1,100 per credit.

Students who matriculated before Fall 2023 - $983 per credit.
*The Counseling program offers a select number of elective courses online. These courses are charged as follows: $1,100 per credit + $20 per credit technology fee
MS Education Policy Program (All course formats) $1,525 per credit
M.Ed. Education in the Health Professions & Post-Master's Certificate in Evidence-Based Teaching in the Health Professions programs (MEHP) Courses$1,525 per credit

**Classes in the Master of Education in the Health Professions (MEHP) or Post-Master's Certificate in Evidence-Based Teaching in the Health $1,525 per credit, except for Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System employees, who have assessed tuition at $1,000 per credit.
Tuition and Fees 2023-2024
MS in Education International Teaching and Global Leadership Cohort Program (All focus areas except TEFL)$52,920 Program Tuition + $1,500 Technology Fee
*TEFL Focus Area$56,228 + $1,500 Technology Fee
Expected Tuition and Fees 2024-2025*
MS in Education International Teaching and Global Leadership Cohort Program (All focus areas except TEFL)$55,044 Program Tuition + $1,500 Technology Fee
*TEFL Focus Area$58,380* + $1,500 Technology Fee
Program tuition includes a non-refundable $3,000 enrollment deposit to be paid upon acceptance of the admission offer.
ITGL payment deadline: June 14, 2024
*Pending JHU Board of trustee approval in spring 2024
MS Educational Studies/Teach For America$1,025 per credit


In alignment with our financial policy, all associated fees, once processed, are strictly non-refundable.

Standard Fees

Application Fee

An application fee of $80 is required from all degree applicants at application submission. All Graduate Non-Degree Special students require an application fee of $25. Fees cannot be deferred or waived except for applicants who are members of select organizations, applicants who re-apply within 12 months and previously paid the fee, or alumni of the JHU School of Education master’s and doctoral degree programs.

Applications will be considered officially submitted once the application fee is paid and the application is submitted. Application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Matriculation Fee (EdD Program)

A one-time fee of $500 is required for EdD students and must be paid before beginning coursework.

Registration Fee

A $175 non-refundable fee per semester is required for registration. The Johns Hopkins University employee tuition remission plan does not cover the registration fee.

Graduation Fee

$175 is required for all undergraduate and graduate degree/certificate candidates.

Payment Plan Termination Fee

Students who are terminated from the monthly payment plan will be charged a $75 termination fee by Johns Hopkins University.

Additional Fees

Course/Laboratory Fees

Where applicable, laboratory fees are included in course tuition fees (noted in the online course schedule).

Late Registration Fee

Students registering for the first time within two weeks of the term’s start date (regardless of the first class meeting date of the individual classes) will be charged the late registration fee. Please visit the academic calendar for applicable term dates.

Late Payment Fee

A late payment fee of $100 will also be assessed if payment for tuition and fees is received after the specified due date listed on the monthly electronic bills.

Returned Check Fee

A $35 returned check fee will be assessed on all paper and electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) check payments that the bank returns.

Delinquent Account Collections

A fee amounting to 25% of the outstanding debt will be charged for any accounts turned over to a collection agency.

Cost of Attendance

The Johns Hopkins School of Education estimates your Cost of Attendance (COA) each academic year by projecting your educational costs based on federal regulatory guidelines. The Office of Financial Aid uses the COA to determine your financial need and aid eligibility.

The COA consists of direct costs, such as tuition and fees, and indirect costs, including books, transportation, computer, loan, personal expenses, housing, and food.

The indirect portion of your COA is a modest estimate of a student’s cost of living (housing, board, books, etc.) aligned with federal guidelines. It is not meant to serve as an exact assessment of your actual expenses. Each student’s COA will vary depending on the program of study, dependency, and enrolled credit load.

After the Department of Education processes your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the information is sent to the University’s Office of Student Enrollment & Account Management (SEAM) – Financial Aid. The Office of Student Enrollment and Account Management (SEAM) works cross-functionally to provide support with financial aid, student accounts, and registration.

Please request support through SEAM’s online form. Financial Aid to review your specific COA budget.

Contact SEAM
Indirect Costs – Cost of AttendanceSummer 2023Fall 2023Spring 2024

Living Expenses, Housing (Off-Campus) *$5,330$7,996$7,995
Living Expenses, Food (Off-Campus)$1,592$2,389$2,389
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses$1,111$1,666$1,666
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment$620$620$620
Transportation (Average)$632$940$940
Student Health Insurance ¹$1,168.50$1,947.50
Average Loan Fees, Federal Direct Student Loan$188
Average Loan Fees, Federal Graduate PLUS$850

¹ Student Health Insurance – All full-time students (registered for nine or more credits per semester – fall/spring) must either enroll in JHU’s health insurance plan or submit a waiver showing comparable health insurance coverage. All International students with an active F1 or J1 Visa status are ineligible to waive and must purchase the university plan.

* If you are student living in housing on a military base or for which you receive a basic allowance under section 403(b) of Title 37 of the United States Code, please contact SEAM to discuss how this may affect your cost of attendance.

Please note: Students with special circumstances for unanticipated expenses can request a budget adjustment to their cost of attendance that may allow for additional federal borrowing eligibility

Student Health Insurance

We highly recommend that all SOE students maintain adequate health insurance coverage to provide protection against unexpected accidents and illnesses. However, students may waive enrollment in the school plan if covered by a plan that is comparable to that offered by the University.

SOE students currently in full–time status (registered for 9 credits or more per semester) must either purchase the university-sponsored student health insurance plan at their own expense or complete the health insurance waiver process. International students with an F–1 or J–1 visa status must purchase the university plan and will be automatically enrolled.

Please visit to learn more about the JHU Benefit Programs. If you have a question, please contact Academic HealthPlans (AHP) by calling 855-423-1678 or submitting a case online at

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