Vision for Baltimore provides access to comprehensive vision screenings, eye exams, and vision care services for every Baltimore City public school student in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Powerful research from Johns Hopkins’ Baltimore Reading and Eye Disease Study demonstrated that there is often a connection between reading difficulty among young students and vision problems. Armed with this data, experts from the Johns Hopkins School of Education, the Wilmer Eye Institute, Baltimore City Public Schools, the Baltimore City Health Department, and Warby Parker founded Vision for Baltimore in 2016. Experts from the Johns Hopkins School of Education continue to provide technical expertise, training, and evaluation services for this critical, scalable program. The ultimate goal? Maximize the program’s impact on both health outcomes and academic performance.

  • 10K Pairs of Eyeglasses

    In 2022, Vision for Baltimore celebrated providing 10,000 pairs of eyeglasses to Baltimore City students.

  • Pencils that say Vision for Baltimore on them.
  • Vision for Baltimore exemplifies what is possible in Baltimore when multiple stakeholders pull together to solve seemingly intractable problems.

    Ronald J. Daniels President, Johns Hopkins University
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Robert Slavin

School of Education Distinguished Professor and Founding Director, Center for Research and Reform in Education

“Eyeglasses are not new and they are not magic. Yet they may well be part of a solution to fundamental and persistent problems of education.”

Robert Slavin headshot.

The late Robert Slavin was a principal investigator on the landmark Baltimore Reading and Eye Disease Study, which led directly to the formation of Vision for Baltimore. An inveterate proponent of evidence-based reforms in American schools, Slavin was among the most recognizable and influential thinkers in education of the last several decades.

Real Impact in Vision Care for Children

Since 2016, Vision for Baltimore has screened more than 64,000 Baltimore City schoolchildren, administered more than 11,000 eye exams, and distributed more than 10,000 pairs of glasses at 137 schools in the city.

Program Initiatives

  • Mobile Eye Exam Van Sees 20 Students a Day
  • Free Eye Exams, Prescription Lenses, and Frames
  • Free Replacement of Broken and Lost Glasses
  • Ongoing Research on Program Impact and Effectiveness
A young child wearing glasses.