At the Johns Hopkins School of Education, our dynamic centers and institutes bring together expertise from the front lines of research and practice to address today's most complex challenges in education.

From the foundational stages of early education to university completion, these multidisciplinary research hubs generate evidence-based insights that transform schools and communities around the world.

While each center and institute embraces a unique and distinct mission, from promoting effective educational strategies to fostering safety in diverse learning environments, the world-renowned faculty and scholars that engage with our centers share a common commitment to inclusivity and rigorous research. Collectively, they fuel our pursuit of improved educational outcomes on a global scale — driving transformative change across classrooms, districts, and institutions.

Center for Research and Reform in Education

The Johns Hopkins Center for Research and Reform in Education pursues the expansion of academic understanding of effective strategies in education. With nearly twenty years of experience aiding education professionals, CRRE is a linchpin in shaping decisive, evidence-backed change across schools, districts, and communities through its extensive research and evaluation services.

Center for Safe and Healthy Schools

The Johns Hopkins Center for Safe and Healthy Schools addresses the pressing issue of school safety by designing comprehensive, evidence-backed solutions that uphold student well-being and promote academic success. CSHS leads a collaborative effort involving multidisciplinary experts to ensure secure, nurturing learning environments for all students.

$50K Awarded

Five interdisciplinary teams have been awarded $10,000 each to conduct research related to safe schools in the areas of health and wellness, and schools, and community engagement.

Center for Social Organization of Schools

For over five decades, the Johns Hopkins Center for Social Organization of Schools has researched how school organization enhances efficacy, inclusivity, and equity, thereby improving student outcomes. CSOS actively engages in collaborative partnerships, promoting educational advancements from pre-K to 12th grade — all underpinned by nationally recognized research.

Center for Technology in Education

At the Johns Hopkins Center for Technology in Education, the commitment to inclusivity is unwavering, propelling a learner-centered ethos since 1986. CTE strives to develop and deploy innovative, technology-enhanced tools, improving educational and occupational prospects worldwide, and fostering successful outcomes for all learners, including those with disabilities.

Institute for Education Policy

Since its founding in 2015, the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy has united the efforts of K-12 educators and policymakers, transforming American education through focused research. Factors such as rigorous curricula, efficient educators, and unique learning environments guide IEP's work, and generate insights on reducing achievement gaps and strengthening outcomes for all students.