Evidence-Based Education

There is a movement in education toward evidence-based reform, policies promoting the creation, evaluation, and widespread application of programs and practices that produce significantly better outcomes than current practices. 

Although evidence-based reform is relatively new in education, other fields have long embraced it. In particular, medicine, agriculture, and engineering began in the 20th century to require that innovative medicines, seeds, and machines be put to the test before being widely adopted. The result was revolutionary progress. The Center for Research and Reform in Education has long advocated the use of evidence to guide practice and policy.

CRRE offers a wide range of resources for educators, researchers, and policymakers who are seeking research on program effectiveness, including:

  • Evidence for ESSA – a free website that provides clear and authoritative Consumer Reports®—style information on programs that meet the ESSA evidence standards.
  • The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE) – a website that provides comprehensive reviews of various types of K–12 education programs.
  • Best Evidence in Brief – a biweekly e-newsletter that offers a quick roundup of current education research and research-related news.
  • Robert Slavin’s Blog – a blog featuring commentary from CRRE Director Robert Slavin on educational policy, research, and innovation.

Evidence-Based Education