CRRE staff work with educators and program developers to design studies that are consistent with their organization’s objectives. We work locally, nationally, and internationally to address the needs of stakeholders, and we tailor evaluation plans to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our team has extensive experience in the design and management of scientifically rigorous studies in many major areas of education, including the following:

Educational technology

Studies of how computer-delivered educational programs are used by teachers and students to improve instruction. We have evaluated educational technology programs such as Zearn Math, LightSail, iStation, and others.

Technology integration

Studies of how computers and other devices are used for classroom, instruction, assessment, and management. We have evaluated large, districtwide technology integration initiatives in Maryland and Virginia.

Social-emotional learning 

Studies of students’ learning and use of prosocial behaviors, understanding of emotions, empathy, and classroom behavior. We have designed and implemented studies of SEL curriculum for early childhood education, school-aged children, and college students.

Professional development

Studies of how professional development affects teacher or principal practice and how changes in practice affect outcomes for students. As one of our most frequent and consistent project areas, we have evaluated dozens of professional development initiatives, including those that stand alone as well as professional development initiatives that are offered as part of new curriculum or project implementations.

Content area programs

Studies examining the implementation and effectiveness of different programs (e.g., curricular or technological) for mathematics, English language arts, and science. These studies are generally used to improve curriculum tools or instructional methods. We have evaluated some of the most popular core curriculum packages for K–12 students as well as unique curriculum tools designed in-house by school district leaders.

Programs for English learners

Studies of how professional development, curricula, and teacher coaching result in improved academic achievement and English language acquisition for English learner students. We have extensive experience evaluating impacts for special populations of students, including English language learners.

Teacher and principal quality

Studies of policies and practices that influence teacher and principal quality as well as the distribution and mobility of effective practitioners. Recent projects include studies for Frontline, NISL, Battelle, and ACUE, among others.

School reforms and partnerships

Studies and consulting on reform initiatives that engage schools and community partners in providing comprehensive or targeted supports to students to increase well-being and achievement. We have unique experience evaluating whole-school reform and community engagement endeavors, with recent projects including Middle School Matters, Vision for Baltimore, Vision for Chicago, Say Yes, and Success for All, among others.