The Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy developed the School Culture 360™ Survey to measure critical elements of school culture by examining school climate, academic climate, civic open-classroom climate, and school mission and vision.

About the Survey

School Culture 360™ provides year-over-year data that can lead to shared learning and continuous improvement. The survey draws on research about important elements of school culture, and the design reflects scholarly protocols for survey creation and validation. We administer questions that abide by survey best practices to reduce bias and promote accurate responses. 

School Culture 360™ can be used in all types of schools.

Most surveys are designed for one type of school (e.g., district schools, Protestant private schools, etc.), but we partnered with researchers and school leaders from multiple sectors during survey creation and testing to make our survey accessible to a diverse range of K-12 schools across the country. 

The survey gathers the voices of multiple school community members.

The school community can be experienced differently among the various members; therefore, we compare the perspectives of administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents. We also include demographic questions that allow us to see whether important subgroups of students, teachers, or parents experience the school community differently. To promote the full inclusion of all stakeholders, the survey is available in more than a dozen different languages, plus an audio version. 

School and system leaders receive key insights that can guide their efforts.

School Culture 360™ findings are available within several weeks of the survey’s close date. School leaders have access to their own data, and system leaders can see all schools under their aegis. IEP gives our partners access to all associated responses, templates for identifying strengths and challenges that emerge in the findings, and our report, Why Does it Matter? Research Behind School Culture 360 Version 2.0. IEP also provides system leaders with pre- and post-survey support. In Fall 2023, we plan to launch our new data dashboard for partners’ use. 

What Our Partners Are Saying

“School culture evolves based on the needs of our students and community within the context of our current times. The School Culture 360™ Survey assists our schools in continuing to meet the needs of their communities as they look to the future, while also building on what they’ve already accomplished.”

Merili Wyatte Associate Superintendent, Florida Conference Office of Education

“Participation in the School Culture 360™ Survey has proven to be an incredible opportunity to look deeply into our school communities in order to work to create environments that are healthy, happy, and conducive to learning for all of our students. As part of our accreditation process, the survey has provided an added dimension deeply connected to our spiritual mission.”

Jacquelyn Flanigan Associate Superintendent, Catholic Diocese of Orlando

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