Since the Institute for Education Policy’s inception in 2015, we have partnered with hundreds of school systems, publishing companies, and nonprofit organizations across the country to execute our mission of integrating research, policy, and practice to achieve educational excellence for all students.

We serve as advisors to state and national policy organizations; provide expert testimony in legislatures, Congress, and the Supreme Court; and are changing the national conversation about important topics like pluralism and acceleration.

Snapshot of Our Impact

Our work continues with state departments of education, public school districts, private school organizations, and nonprofit partners to implement our suite of tools and provide research-informed counsel. 

Knowledge Maps and Curricula

We work with our partners to analyze their English language arts (ELA) and social studies materials. Our instructional design team also conducts standards alignment reviews, racial equity crosswalks, and topical connections between curricula by grade band. 

Teacher Survey of Curriculum Use

This resource creates a detailed picture of teachers’ use and satisfaction with curriculum materials. Our comprehensive report and searchable database provide system leaders with accurate, actionable data about classroom instruction. This survey is a powerful tool for states and districts in surfacing teachers’ instructional practices and their opinions of current instructional materials. Learn more about the Teacher Survey of Curriculum Use.

School Culture 360™ Survey

To date, we have supported over 400 schools and school networks in the continuous improvement process through our School Culture 360 Survey, which provides indicators of key areas of the school community. Version 2.0 is now available. Learn more about the School Culture 360 Survey.

Policy Support and Counsel

We provide targeted research, policy analysis, and counsel to states, districts, membership organizations, and nonprofits – from UNIDOS and Chiefs for Change to Everett Public Schools, the Philadelphia School District, and the Archdiocese of Baltimore. It is a privilege to join our partners’ efforts to improve education in our country. Learn more about our policy and research initiatives.

Civics Education

We continue to use our voice and share the importance of supporting high-quality civics instruction. Learn about our civics work.

Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of how schools and organizations have found success utilizing IEP’s tools and research.

In Providence, Rhode Island, IEP’s deep analysis of conditions in the city’s schools led the state’s governor and education commissioner to publicly accept responsibility for wholescale reform. IEP’s work in Providence was the subject of an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, and multiple pieces in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, and US News and World Report. We are now undertaking similarly transformational work in other jurisdictions. 

In Baltimore, Maryland, our Knowledge Map analysis led to rapid adoption of a high-quality K-8 curriculum (Wit & Wisdom), a redesign of its ELA 9-12 work, and substantial changes to its K-12 social studies. We have repeated this successful approach in dozens of districts, charters, and private-school networks across the country.

In Tennessee, our on-site work led to a statewide program to shift districts to the use of strong academic curricula. This work has been duplicated in many other states through a Council of Chief State Officers partnership advised by IEP leadership. 

In one mid-sized Southern district and one small Southwest district, we are conducting multi-year curriculum impact analyses. This work includes an evaluation of the formal materials, classroom observations, a teacher survey on curriculum use, and benchmark assessment analysis. 

Our School Culture 360 survey has been used by the Maine Curriculum Leaders Association, the Florida Civics & Debate Initiative, districts from Louisiana to Arizona and Pennsylvania, Catholic diocesan systems, Jewish day schools, and the Council for Islamic Schools of North America.