The Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy works with a variety of partners to execute our mission of integrating research into policy and practice.

We partner with philanthropists to fund our education research; policymakers who turn to us for knowledge about what works; districts and schools that use our various tools to evaluate their practices; and educational organizations which work with us to advance shared goals.

Our Partnerships in Action

In ongoing research, we work with Arizona State University to evaluate the NEW (Next Education Workforce) initiative of the Mesa public school district in Arizona, a team-teaching approach that involves co-planning, co-teaching, and data-driven decision-making to provide the most effective learning environment for students.

We partnered with school districts in North Carolina and Colorado to put the Teacher Survey of Curriculum Use into action. As a result of the survey, the North Carolina school district revised its professional development plan to include greater support, job-embedded coaching, and targeted training. The Colorado school district streamlined teaching and learning by identifying and implementing a high-quality, knowledge-building curriculum. 

We partnered with school administrators in Florida to execute our School Culture 360™ survey. The survey results helped leaders evaluate school culture and identify strengths and areas for growth to meet the needs of their schools’ communities, while building on what they’ve already accomplished. 

What Our Partners Are Saying

The Bill of Rights Institute has been proud to collaborate with the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy on the important task of advancing civics and history education in the United States. The Institute’s rigorous, data-driven approach to policy, curriculum, and teacher preparation is vital to ensuring educators and students have the support they deserve.

David J. Bobb, PhD President and CEO, Bill of Rights Institute

The DCPS partnership with Johns Hopkins University has been incredibly impactful in our continual efforts to ensure our students engage with content-rich curricula that meet the needs of the diverse students that we serve. The reciprocal collaboration has reinforced a culture of diversity, inclusion, and excellence!

Alison Williams Deputy Chief, Content and Curriculum, District of Columbia Public Schools

Participation in the JHU School Culture 360 Survey™ has proven to be an incredible opportunity to look deeply into our school communities in order to work to create environments that are healthy, happy, and conducive to learning for all of our students. As part of our accreditation process, the survey has provided an added dimension deeply connected to our spiritual mission.

Dr. Jacquelyn Flanigan Associate Superintendent, Catholic Diocese of Orlando