Within the Johns Hopkins School of Education’s vibrant networks, education leaders unite to collaborate and create impactful change.

As an institution deeply committed to making a difference in education, we believe that transformation begins within our communities. On our dynamic Homewood Campus, in the unique city of Baltimore, in the nation’s capital, and on an international scale, you will have the opportunity to engage with diverse colleagues and connect with experts worldwide. Our extensive networks foster a truly inclusive and globally minded learning experience for all.

Guided by our mission to improve education, we prioritize creating an environment where every member of our community feels valued, supported, and heard. Whether you choose to learn on campus or through our online programs, you will join a dynamic learning community that embraces collaboration, innovation, and evidence-based practices. Through our strategic partnerships and collaborations, we ensure that our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to make a lasting impact. Our unwavering focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion underpins everything we do, as we strive to improve educational outcomes for all students.

Uniting Education Leaders for Impact: Our Collaborative Communities