Whether measuring teacher classroom practices or student retention of content, assessments play a critical role in improving student outcomes and driving positive change in education.

Johns Hopkins School of Education research faculty have collaborated with state education department experts to design and implement inclusive and widely adopted instruments for assessment of early learning and kindergarten readiness.

They have advised on numerous assessment tools used in districts across the country and appropriate assessment instruments for entirely new school models.

They also have long experience collaborating with partners, observing state and district standards, complying with regulations — and most importantly, respecting those whose aptitudes and skills are being assessed.

Our Assessment Experts

The Johns Hopkins School of Education is home to a diverse group of scholars, researchers, analysts, and administrators with expertise in the assessment of educational programs and outcomes.

Linda Carling, EdD

Associate Research Professor
Center Director, Center for Technology in Education


Center for Technology in Education, SOE Leadership


Research, Evaluation & Assessment

Headshot of Linda  Carling, EdD

David Steiner, PhD

Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy


Institute for Education Policy, SOE Leadership


Curriculum Studies, Education Policy & Politics, Research, Evaluation & Assessment

Headshot of David  Steiner,  PhD