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David Steiner Portrait

David Steiner, PhD

Professor, Executive Director of the Institute for Education Policy

O: (410) 516-7896

David Steiner is Executive Director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy and Professor of Education at Johns Hopkins University. In 2020, he finished serving as a member of the Maryland State Board of Education and the Maryland Commission for Innovation and Excellence in Education. He currently serves on the boards of Core Knowledge Foundation, and Relay Graduate School of Education. Most recently, he was appointed to the Practitioner Council at the Hoover Institute, Stanford University. He previously served on the board of Urban Teachers as well. He also served as Commissioner of Education for New York State, as the Klara and Larry Silverstein Dean at the Hunter College School of Education, and as Director of Education at the National Endowment

As NYS Commissioner, Dr. Steiner took a lead role in the State’s successful $700 million Race to the Top application to support the redesign of state standards, assessments, and teacher certification requirements. His insistence on including major funding for curricula in that grant led to the launch of EngageNY, the nation’s most consulted on-line curriculum resource. Dr. Steiner consults regularly with the federal government, state education leaders, educational reform organizations, and universities. He has addressed audiences on both side of the Atlantic, and authored books, book chapters, and more than fifty articles. He holds degrees from Balliol College, Oxford University (B.A. and M.A.), and Harvard University (Ph.D. in political science). Contact David at d.steiner@jhu.edu.


2015-present – Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy; Professor of Education, School of Education, Johns Hopkins University

2012-2015 – Founding Director, CUNY Institute for Education Policy, Roosevelt House, New York City.

Klara & Larry Silverstein Dean, School of Education, Hunter College, City University of New York.

2009-2011 – New York State Commissioner of Education, President of the University of the State of New York, Albany NY.

2005-2009 – Klara & Larry Silverstein Dean and Professor, School of Education, Hunter College, City University of New York.

2004-2005 – Director for Arts Education, National Endowment for the Arts, Washington, DC.

2002-2004 – Chairman, Department of Administration, Training, and Policy Studies (ATPS), School of Education, Boston University. (Previously, tenured in ATPS and the Department of Curriculum and Teaching.)



1989 — PhD in political science, specialization in political philosophy; Harvard University (thesis on Democratic Education).


1980 — MA, BA in philosophy, politics, & economics with highest (first class) honors; Balliol College, Oxford University.


2017 Steiner, D. Curriculum Research: What We Know and Where We Need to Go (for StandardsWork, available online at https://standardswork.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/sw-curriculum-research-report-fnl.pdf).

2017 Steiner, D. “On Teaching Controversy” a review of Jonathan Zimmerman and Emily Robertson, The Case for Contention in Education Next, vol.17, no. 3 (Summer 2017).

2017 Keynote Address delivered at the TNTP Instructional Materials Adoption Summit, Jacksonville, FL, March 9.


2019-present — Hoover Education Success Initiative Practitioner Council (Stanford University, CA).


2017-2020 — Member, Maryland State Board of Education (Baltimore, MD).


2016-2020 — State Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, (“The Kirwan Commission”) State of Maryland, (Annapolis, MD).

2016-present — Board member, Relay Graduate School of Education (New York, NY).


2016-2019 — Board member, Urban Teachers (Baltimore, MD).

2013-2017 — Advisory Board member, Bard College Early High School (New York, NY).

2013-present — Board of Trustees, Core Knowledge (Charlottesville, VA).                

2013-2015 — Board of Trustees, AdvancED (Atlanta, GA).

2012-2013 — Commissioner, CAEP Commission on Standards and Performance Setting (Washington, DC).

2011 — Appointed member, Rules-Making Committee for Title II Re-authorization, USDOE (Washington, DC).

2011 — Member, Executive Committee, Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC).

2010-2011 — Member, Board of Directors, Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) (Washington, DC).

2008 — Member, Board of Trustees, Harlem Success Academy (public charter school) (New York City).


2016-2019 — Office of Legislative Affairs, Executive Branch, Maryland State Government (Annapolis).


2016-present — Chiefs for Change (Washington DC).


2016-present — Baltimore City Public Schools


2015-present — Deans for Impact (Dallas, TX).


2015-present — Council of Chief State School Officers (Washington, DC), Association of College and University Educators (New York City).


2012-present — US Department of Education (Office of the Secretary) (Washington DC),


2012-2015 — EducationCounsel (Washington, DC), Council of Chief State School Officers (Washington, DC), New Jersey Department of Education (Trenton, NJ).


2012 — SONY (in collaboration with CUNY) (New York City).

  • PI on Major Research Projects for: Chiefs for Change, America Achieves, the Alliance for Excellent Education, The Open Society, The Walton Foundation, The Koch Family Foundation, and the CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers).


  • Policy advice and counsel has resulted in major shifts at both state and district levels across multiple domains. The Institute has been recognized in a Washington Post ed. for our impact on curricula change and most recently had coverage in multiple news outlets for our work in Providence, RI, including another Washington Post article.


  • Continuous consulting with Commissioners of Education in Louisiana, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Rhode Island. Additional consulting for Chiefs in Mississippi, New Mexico, Nebraska, Wyoming and Maryland.


  • Senior Advisor, the state of Louisiana and NWEA – Designing a new ELA assessment for the state, under the Federal Pilot Assessment Authority granted by ESSA legislation.


  • Multiple studies published by clients in the domains of Teacher Preparation, Curriculum, Career and Technical Education and Pluralism.


  • Testimony before the US Senate HELP Committee, The Maryland General Assembly and Senate, and multiple publications and citations in the national press on multiple domains of education reform.


  • In the 2019-2020 school year, designed a Master’s Degree program in Education Policy for the Johns Hopkins School of Education. As of July 2020, the program under review by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.
  • Advanced the New York State Regents Reform Agenda by leading the successful NYS application for the Federal Race to the Top Award and other competitively sourced funds for a total amount approaching $1 billion; reform implementation is underway.


  • Led the passage of landmark legislation to: use student achievement data in evaluation of teachers and principals; increase the charter school cap and increase public accountability and transparency of charter schools; and secure $20 million is State funding to support development of a statewide student data system.


  • Recognized by US Education Secretary Arnie Duncan and fellow Chief State School Officers for a leading national role in teacher preparation and education reform policy.


  • Advanced New York’s national leadership in aligning assessment performance with college and career readiness and developing Common Core standards with sequenced, spiraled curriculum and assessments. Led the re-setting of state assessment standards to align with on-track performance for college entrance without remediation.


  • Reformed teacher and principal standards: redesigned teacher certification requirements incorporating performance-based assessments for all teacher candidates have been put in place, and Race to the Top funding secured for newly designed, clinically-rich, teacher preparation models.
  • Led the Hunter College School of Education to become the only education school in the nation to have three programs rated as three-stars or above in the inaugural 2013 US News/NCTQ evaluation of teacher preparation programs.


  • Launched three Teacher and Principal Residency Preparation Programs in New York City in partnership with New Visions for Public Schools (led by Robert Hughes), the Hall of Science, and the NYC Department of Education. The program will initially focus on the preparation of public secondary school teachers in the sciences and ELA.


  • Led Hunter College in a nationally innovative partnership with the KIPP Academies and other top-performing charter school organizations to co-design and co-teach a dedicated teacher preparation program. To date over $30 million has been raised to support this effort. Teach For America and the New York City Department of Education have joined the partnership. A multi-million-dollar Americorps grant supports student tuition.


  • Led the inauguration of eight new masters programs and ten new Advanced Certification Programs. The masters’ programs included four Teaching Fellows programs for the NYC city Department of Education.


  • Recorded historic gains in student enrollment from 2150 to 2800 while raising academic admission quality. Recorded 150% increase in external funding.


  • Received $1 million gift for a new digital-video program to analyze every student in their student teaching and index the resulting video library for use as case studies by the faculty and the training of the clinical program field-observers.


  • Designed and inaugurated the first national program to fund intensive teacher preparation to present major, complex works of art in classrooms.


  • Working with Jazz at Lincoln Center, created the first on-line free national jazz curriculum for American Schools (see http://www.neajazzintheschools.org/home.php).


  • Inaugurated the first major assessment and accountability systems to evaluate multiple learning outcomes in the arts grants programs.

1998-1999 — Senior Research Associate, Boston University (primary responsibility: advising Senior Administrators on
issues of Massachusetts State Education Policy).


1990-1998 — Assistant Professor, Research Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University Department of Political Science and the Peabody School of Education, Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN).


1994 — Visiting Professor, Clare Hall College, Cambridge University (Spencer Fellowship in Education).


1989 — Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Politics, Wellesley College (Wellesley, MA).


2017 — Steiner, D. Retreat From Judgment: The Limits of Educational Reform (in progress; submission date: winter 2019).


2004 — Steiner, D. & Olson, A. (eds). The Quest for Paideia in an Age of Uncertainty (New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2004).


2001 — Steiner, D.  Educational Achievement & Reform Strategies in the United States of America (Monograph) (Gütersloh, Germany: Bertelsmann Foundation Publishers, 2001).


1999 — Steiner, D. (ed). Philosophy of Education: The Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, Vol. 3 (Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green State University, 1999).


1994 — Steiner, D. Rethinking Democratic Education (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins
University Press, 1994).


2020 (forthcoming) Steiner, D. with Bjorklund-Young, A. “The Future of School Accountability.” To be published by the Hoover Institute, Stanford University.


2020                     Steiner, D with Slavin, R. “Tutoring as an effective strategy in our troubled times,” in The Education Gadfly Weekly. https://fordhaminstitute.org/national/commentary/tutoring-effective-strategy-our-troubled-times


2020                     Steiner, D with Bakshi, S. “Acceleration, not remediation: Lessons from the field,” in The Education Gadfly Weekly. https://fordhaminstitute.org/national/commentary/acceleration-not-remediation-lessons-field


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2020                     Steiner, D with Magee, M. “Students Worldwide Have Gone Back to School After COVID-19. 4 Lessons for Reopening America’s Classrooms,” in The 74. https://www.the74million.org/article/magee-steiner-students-worldwide-have-gone-back-to-school-after-covid-19-4-lessons-for-reopening-americas-classrooms/


2020                     Steiner, D with Weisberg, D. “When Students Go Back to School, Too Many Will Start the Year Behind. Here’s How to Catch Them Up — in Real Time,” in The 74. https://www.the74million.org/article/steiner-weisberg-when-students-go-back-to-school-too-many-will-start-the-year-behind-heres-how-to-catch-them-up-in-real-time/


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2020                     Presenter, “Putting Humpty-Dumpty Together Again: Rethinking American Education.” Hopkins at Home Webinar. June 30.


2020                     Panelist for “How Should School Systems Prepare for Re-Entry and Beyond?” Education Under COVID-19: Problems, Solutions, Perspectives, and Research webinar series. Presented by the World Bank and HSE University, Russia. June 16.


2020                     Invited speaker to UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank. Virtual webinar. June 8.


2020                     “Education in a time of Pandemic: COVID-19 and the future of American schools.” Keynote Speaker, Step By Step Learning Virtual Conference. May 28.


2020                     “Research in the States.” Invited speaker to the AEI for the Emerging Education Policy Scholars (EEPS). Washington DC. May 17. Cancelled due to Coronavirus.


2020                     “School Culture: Why It Matters and How It Improves.” National Catholic Educational Association Convention & Expo 2020. Baltimore, MD. April 16. Cancelled due to Coronavirus.


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2020                     “Effective schooling: What Evidence do we really know?” Invited presenter, Step By Step Learning webinar. March 31.


2020                     “High Quality Instructional Materials – How to ensure they make a difference.” Invited presenter to the CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers) Annual Legislative Conference. Washington DC. March 23. Cancelled due to Coronavirus.


2020                     Invited speaker at the Legislative Conference of the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE). Washington DC. March 23. Cancelled due to Coronavirus.


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2019                     “Do the Humanities have a future.” Invited speaker, Re-imaging Education Conference, London, UK. December 10.


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2019                     Panelist on “Curricular Concerns: How to Cover What Gets Taught” panel at the Education Writers Association 2019 National Seminar, Baltimore, MD, May 7.


2019                     Panelist with Chiefs for Change on “K12 Program: The Future is Now: High Quality Curriculum as a Catalyst for Change” panel at the ASU+GSV Summit, San Diego, CA, April 10.


2019                     “Keynote Address: Materials Matter,” delivered at the TNTP Impact Florida Education Summit, Orlando, FL, February 28.


2019                     Lead “Educator Preparation Session” at Council of Chief State School Officers Instructional Materials and Professional Development Network. Washington, D.C., February 13.


2018                     Keynote presentations to State Chiefs and District Superintendents in Nashville, TN; Jackson, MI; Boston, MA; Albuquerque, NM; Providence, RI; Washington DC. Council of Chief State School Officers/Gates Foundation Multi-State Curriculum Initiative.


2017                     “The Legacy and Impact of the Coleman Report on African-American Students & Revisit the Ronald Edmonds Rebuttal to the Coleman Report,” Panel at The Coleman Report: A Symposium to Revisit 50 Years Later, Baltimore, November 16.


2017                     “Keynote Address,” delivered at the TNTP Instructional Materials Adoption Summit, Jacksonville, FL, March 9.

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2016                     “Challenging the Structures,” Johns Hopkins University, Panel Moderator at James Coleman’s Report at 50: Johns Hopkins’ Conference on Closing the Achievement Gap, Baltimore, October 5.


2016                     “High-Quality Curricula and Student Success,” Hunter College and Johns Hopkins University, Panel at Roosevelt House, New York, September 14.

2016                     “Why the Excellence Gap Matters for Civil Rights,” Johns Hopkins University, Panel with Jonathan A. Plucker, James L. Moore, III, Mike Petrilli, and Ariel Bowers, Baltimore, September 7.


2016                     “From Sea to Shining Sea: The Future of American Education in a post-federalist era,” delivered at University of Cambridge’s Educational Leadership, Policy, Evaluation and Change (ELPEC) Academic Group series, Cambridge, June 6.


2016                     “Disproportionality in Special Education: Federal Policy & Monitoring,” Panel Moderator for Intersections of Race and Class in Special Education Policy: Colloquium Summary Recommendations, Roosevelt House, New York, May 17.


2016                     “Can Educational Technology Narrow the Achievement Gap?” Hunter College and Johns Hopkins University, Panel Moderator at Roosevelt House, New York, May 3.


2016                     “Contemporary Issues in Secondary & Higher Education:  Is The University Still Possible?” Panel at UCLA’s conference Liberal Arts Education and the Commercial Republic, Los Angeles, April 29.


2016                     “Urban Interventions: Innovating to Lift Student Achievement,” Johns Hopkins University, Panel Moderator for Chris Cerf, Jamie Woodson, and Richard Tao, Baltimore, April 11.


2016                     “Prospects for the Role of Evidence to Inform State Implementation of ESSA,” Discussant at The SREE Spring 2016 Conference: Lost in Translation: Building Pathways from Knowledge to Action with Mitchell D. Chester, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Washington DC, March 5.


2016                     “Review of Education Reform and Teacher Preparation.” Testimony delivered to the Ways and Means Committee, Maryland State Legislature Annapolis, MD, January 28.


2016                     “Intersecting Inequalities: Focus on East Harlem,” Hunter College and Johns Hopkins University, Panel Moderator at Roosevelt House, New York, January 12.


2015                     “Science Education.” Testimony delivered to the Presidential Commission For the Study of Bioethical Issues, Washington DC, November 17th.


2013                     “The condition of Teacher Preparation” delivered at the Leading Minds Conference, Baltimore Curriculum Project, Baltimore, September 26.


2013                     “A future for students without means.” Roundtable, co-hosted by the Atlantic Monthly and the American Federation of Teachers, New York, July 18.


2013                     “Effective Education Reform.” Roundtable, Brain Trust (sponsored by the Hewlett-Packard Foundation), San Francisco, June 17


2013                     “Teacher Preparation Reform” delivered at a plenary session: AACTE Annual Conference, Orlando, March 3.


2012                     “Teacher Preparation: Where should it go?” Presentation to the Board of Trustees of the University of Indiana, Indianapolis, August 17.


2011                     Invited presentation to the US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, and his staff, on the condition of teacher preparation. USDOE, Washington DC, November 11.


2009-2011            More than fifty presentations/speeches/TV interviews/ to audiences including Teachers Unions, School Board Associations, Business Roundtables, Legislative Committees, PTA, District Superintendents, and fellow State Commissioners, while serving as NYS Commissioner of Education. A few selected presentations are listed below.


2011                     “Farewell Address,” delivered at the New York State Union of Teachers’ annual conference, New York, NY, April 11 (available online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFlBezYFx2o).


2011                     “Innovation of Teacher Education,” delivered at the Commission of Independent Colleges and Universities Board of Directors meeting, Albany, NY, March 8.


2011                     “The Future of Science Education in New York,” panel series hosted by New York Academy of Sciences, New York, NY, January 11.


2010                     “A Vision of Education Reform,” Lehman College Division of Education, New York, NY, December 2 (available online at http://soe-server.hunter.cuny.edu:8080/lehman/).

2010                     “The Regents Reform Agenda,” annual convention hosted by the New York State School Boards Association, New York, NY, October 22.


2010                     “Ensuring Effective Educators is Revolutionary Work,” hosted by the Center for Governmental Research, Rochester, NY, September 28.


2010                     “Common Core State Standards,” panel moderator hosted by the Pencil Organization, New York, NY, July 22.


2010                     “Effective Teachers and Excellent Classrooms,” Operation Soapbox panel series hosted by United Federation of Teachers, New York, NY, May 8.


2010                     “An Agenda for Education Reform in New York,” delivered at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, Albany, NY, February 24.


2009                     “Reality Check- Where is Education Heading?,” delivered at The Education Writers Association National Seminar, Washington DC, May 1.


2009                     “What is an Educated Mind” delivered to the Southern University Presidents’ Conference, Ashville, NC., April 4.


2008                     “Trusting the Text” delivered at the Presidential Forum, Modern Languages Association annual meeting, San Francisco, December 29.


2008                     “Rethinking Teacher Education”.  Lecture series hosted by The Donnell-Kay Foundation, attended by elected officials, educators, business leaders and foundations, Denver, Colorado, October 17.


2008                     “What Can an Ed School Do Better?”.  Inaugural Get Smart Schools Happy Hour hosted by Teach for America and The Piton Foundation, Denver, Colorado, October 17.


2008                     “The Future of Education Schools: Are Teacher Colleges Obsolete?” The National Philanthropy Roundtable (Annual Meeting), Boston, Massachusetts, September 11.


2007                     “The Future of Education Schools: Are Teacher Colleges Obsolete?” with Arthur Levine (President, Woodrow Wilson Foundation). The National Philanthropy Roundtable (Annual Meeting) Dana Point California, November 9.


2007                     “The School and the University” with Gerald Graff, President-elect, Modern Languages Association. E.E. Ford Foundation Symposium, Charlottesville, Virginia, October 5.


2007                     Nexus Conference New Notes Towards the Definition of Western Culture. Part II. What is an Educated Man? With Larry Summers, Ronald Dawkins, Claus Offe and Professor Michael Sandel,. Amsterdam, Holland, September 9.


2007                     “School Buildings—The State of Affairs: a new Architecture for a New Education,” Moderator at the Center for Architecture, February 23.


2007                     Plenary Panel of the Core Knowledge Annual Meeting in Washington DC, February 22.


2007                     Arts Education Partnership Forum in Los Angeles, California. January 30 and 31.


2006                     “Moving Beyond the Basics: Why Reading, Math and Science are not Sufficient for a 21st Century Education” Presenter at the launch meeting of the Thomas Fordham Foundation, Washington DC, December 12.


2006                     “The University and the High School” The Modern Language Association, Annual Meeting, plenary Session with incoming MLA President Gerald Graff and Deborah Meier, Philadelphia, December 29.


2006                     “Foreign Languages: The K-12 Challenge,” Association of Departments of Foreign Languages, panel with Rosemary Feal and Michael Holquist, President, Modern Languages Association.


2005                     “In Search of Learning” at the DaVinci Institute, September.


2004                     “Hannah Arendt Revisited: The Crisis in Educational Authority” at the American Philosophical Association Annual Meeting, Boston, December.


2004                     “A Letter to my Father: Do the Humanities have a Future?” Keynote Address, Aspen Institute on the State of the Humanities, October.


2004                     “Debate on Ed. Schools” with Professor Dan Butin, Progressive Policy Institute, Washington DC.


2003                     “Educating Judgment” College of Education, University of Washington, Seattle WA.


2003                     “Preparing Teachers: Are American Schools of Education up to the Task” American Enterprise Institute and the Progressive Policy Institute, October 2003.

2002                     “Mapping and Overcoming Barriers to Alternative Public School Leadership,” with Chester Finn and others, Thomas B. Fordham Institute, Washington DC.


2002                     “What next for school vouchers?” Respondent at the Conference on Vouchers in Education at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, October, 2002.


2001                     “The Future for Schools of Education,” American Council of Trustees and Alumni (Decatur House, Washington DC).


2001                     “Schools of Education: Reform or Abolition?” Panel member at the National Association of Scholars Annual Meeting, New York (with Chester Finn, and Sandra Stostky), January 2001.


2000                     “African-American Educational Performance,” National Conference on “ African Americans at the Turn of the Century”  (With Orlando Patterson and others, hosted by Salmagundi).


1999                     “Professional Development as Key to Educational Reform,” 7th German – Atlantic Dialogue, Bertelsmann Foundation, New York.


1999                     “Teaching History in Secondary Schools,” (Discussant) and “Professional  Development for Teachers of Civics” (Presenter with Teresa Secules), American Education  Research Association Annual Meeting, Montreal.


1998                     “Democracy and Education.” Public Address to the Pedagogical Institute of Georgia, Tbilisi, The Republic of Georgia.


1998                     “Recent Developments in American Educational Reform: One Year Later.” London, England (sponsored by Politeia).


1998                     “Undergraduate Education at Harvard.” The Core Curriculum Committee, Harvard University.


1997                     “Rousseau’s Geneva: A Communitarian Education?” Northeastern Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia.


1997                     “Recent Developments in American Educational Reform,” London, England (sponsored by Politeia).


1997                     “Dewey, Democracy, and Artful Education,” American Education Research Association Annual Meeting,


1997                     Paper panelist, Aspen Institute Conference on Education and Democracy, Aspen, Colorado.


1996                     Keynote speaker, Annual National Symposium, Opera America, Washington, D.C. 1996.


1996                     “Balkanization by Choice? Vouchers and Education Reform,” Spencer Foundation Conference, Seattle Washington (with Paul Hill).


1995                     “What You Are: Reflections on Teaching in America’s Public Schools,” Leonard Bernstein Center for Education in the Arts, New York and Nashville.  


1995                     “Questions and Institutions: Education for a 21st Century Democracy.” Peabody College, Vanderbilt University.


1995                     “Levinas and the Limits of Political Theory,” and “Administering Education,” (Chair) Roundtable with John Chubb and Benjamin Barber, both at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Chicago.


1993                     “Ethics, Postmodernism and Education,” Spencer Foundation Fellow Conference, New Orleans.


1993                     “Rethinking Democratic Education,” Conference on ‘Education: Renaissance or Retreat?’ Vanderbilt University, Nashville.


1993                     “Postmodernism and Political Theory,” Jowett Society, Oxford University.


1993                     “Methoria: Reflections on Amour-Propre in Rousseau,” The Moral Sciences Club, Cambridge University.

1993                     “Selling the Student Body,” Conference on the Politics of the Body, Vanderbilt University.


1992                     “Democratic Education, the Defense of an Ideal.” The American Political Science Association, Annual Meeting, Chicago.


1992                     “Choice and the Politics of Education,” Faculty Colloquium, Yale University, also at Peabody College, Vanderbilt University.


1991                     “Families and Education,” Tampa: The Southern Political Science Association.       


1991                     “Beyond Pure Process: Towards a Theory of Democratic Education.”  Roundtable on ‘Democracy and Citizenship,’ American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, APSA sponsored roundtable, San Francisco.


2019                     Reviewer, National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships Review Panel


2016                     External Reviewer, The Curry School of Education, University of Virginia.


2016                     External Advisory Committee, University Educator Quality, University of North Carolina.


1995-Present         Princeton University Press, Political Theory, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, American Political Science Review, University of Illinois Press, Polity Press, Westview Press.


2009                     Grants Reviewer, National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington, DC.


2005-2007            Consultant Scholar, The Core Knowledge Foundation, Charlottesville, 2005- present. Advising the foundation on issues of teacher preparation.


2003-2006            Consultant, National Center for Teacher Quality, Washington D.C. Advising on research around issue of teacher preparation. 2003 – 2006.


2003-2005            Senior Consultant, Council, Institute for International Corporate Cultural Affairs, along with Professor Sam Huntingdon and others), advising the bank and a multinational consortium on ethics, education and cultural projects. 2003 – 2005.


1998-2002            Consultant, Bertelsmann Foundation (1998-Present, Frankfurt, Germany), advising the foundation on major initiatives in American Education.

1998-1999            Educational Commissioner, Politeia (1998-9, London, UK), worked on programs for comparative study of assessments in the United States, Europe, and the new independent states of the ex-USSR.


1997                     Consultant Scholar: Goals 2000 Arts Education Partnership: Priorities for Arts Education Research. Washington D.C. 1997.


1995-1998            Consultant, then Resident Scholar at the Leonard Bernstein Center for Education Through the Arts contributed to the design, teaching, and evaluation of the Center’s curricular designs. New York and Nashville, 1995-1998.


1996-1997            Consulting Scholar to the National Civics Standards Board (1996-7). Reviewed multiple drafts of the proposed civics standards, contributed revised materials, and provided critique of underlying concepts.


1997                     Reviewer of Curricular and Assessment designs for the Modern Red School House (1997). Special focus on the relationship between Performance Statements, Standards, the “Hudson Units,” and the “Individual Educational Compact.”


1997-1999            Research Advisor to Schools for Thought, a federally funded program centered at the Peabody College of Education, Vanderbilt University (1997-1999). Designing multiple social-studies curricular units for multi-media applications and reviewing units in other subject domains.


1987-1989            Teaching Consultant, Harvard Danforth Teaching Center (1987-1989).


2001-2006            Designed and Co-Directed Summer Content Institutes for the State of Massachusetts in the humanities. Led workshops on Shakespeare, Chaucer, and other major authors, incorporating multi-media teaching strategies, formative and summative assessment techniques, and writing evaluations.


1998                     Consultant to the Nashville Metro School System (through the “Schools for Thought” initiative at Vanderbilt University). Preparing teachers for the adequate introduction and adaptation of E.D. Hirsch’s “Core Curriculum.”


2017-Present         Listed amongst the 200 most influential education scholars in the United States in the annual RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings.


2016-Present          PI and Co-PI on multiple grants as Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy, including $200,000 from the Baton Rouge foundation and $340,200 from NWEA for design work on the Pilot Assessment for Louisiana, and $267,000 from Chiefs for Change. The Institute conducted $1.52 million in sponsored research in FY 19, and has over $1million in sponsored research to date committed for FY 20.


2010                     “Race to the Top Phase II” ($697million) United States Education Department, 2010); “Teacher Incentive Fund” ($42 million) (United States Department of Education, 2010).


2009                     “Educator of the Year.” Awarded on June 8th by Education Update, a newspaper focused on New York City and New York State. Harvard Club, New York City.


 2008 and 2009       CUNY Award for Securing Major External Funding in the domain of Education, presented by Chancellor Matt Goldstein.


2008                     Principle Investigator: Sidney E. Frank Foundation grant for program re-design at the Hunter College School of Education ($300,000).


2007                     Principal Investigator: AmeriCorps National Professional Corps grant ($358,411 in program support and $1.18 million in associated student tuition vouchers). Grant Agency: The Corporation for National and Community Service.


2007                     Principal Investigator: Five-year Teacher Quality Program grant from the US Department of Education to support design and implementation of new teacher residency program with New Visions for Public Schools ($6 million).


2006                     Project Investigator: Video Interaction for Teaching and Learning Project: Early Childhood Mathematics Education with Support from the National Science Foundation ($100,000).


2001-2004            Grant Director: “Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to use Technology,” U.S. Department of Education. ($2.4 million over three years, of which $1.1 million comes from the Department of Education. Beginning Fall 2001, for three years).      


  • Carnegie Foundation Grant for the Paideia Project, a new center for the study of fundamental educational values (with Alan Olson). The inaugural international conference was held in Vienna, Austria, with a keynote address from Dr. John Silber.


1999                     Research Grant from the Bertelsmann Foundation of the Republic of Germany. 


1998                     NPEAT Grant (National Partnership for Excellence and Accountability in Teaching), United States Department of Education. ($333,000). With John Bransford, Susan Goldman, James Pellegrino, John Rakestraw, and Nancy Vie.


1998                     United States IREX Center: Grant for lecturing visit to NIS countries.


1997-1999            The Ball Foundation ($1.025 million). Grant for research on reforming K-12 education in the United States (grant team led by James Guthrie).


1997                     Research Grant, “Schools for Thought.” Peabody College, Vanderbilt University.


1996                     Grant from the State of Arkansas for Study of State Level Education Reform.


1994                     AAD (German Cultural Academy) research grant for study at Cornell University.


1994                    Provost’s Grant for Interdisciplinary Teaching, Vanderbilt University (with Michael Rose).


1993-1994            Spencer Fellow, National Academy of Education, Stanford University.


1991                     Vanderbilt Faculty Research grant.


1990                     Post-Doctoral Fellow, Murphy Institute of Political Economy, Tulane University.


1988-1989            Research Grant, Harvard-Danforth Center for Teaching, Harvard University.


1987                     Richard D. Irwin Doctoral Fellowship.


1984-1986            Distinction in Teaching, Harvard University.


1985                     Merit Award, and Fellow, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University.


1984                     Naumann Foundation Fellowship, West Germany.


2008-2009            Appointed to the Regents Work Group on Improving the Preparation of Teachers for Urban Schools, The New York State Education Department.


2008                     Appointed to the CUNY University Working Group, designed to create strategy for generating effective math and science teachers needed in New York City public schools.


2008                     Board of Trustees, Harlem Success Academy (Public Charter School, New York City.


2006-present         Consultant for the Common Core Curriculum Project: Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, Washington D.C., and member of the Steering Committee.


2006-present         Board of Trustees of the Core Knowledge National Advisory Committee, Charlottesville, Virginia.


2006-2007            Member of the MLA National Initiative on the future of Liberal Arts Education, known as the Teagle Working Group. This group includes several college presidents, the current and the next president of the MLA, and several distinguished professors from Columbia, Yale, and the University of Virginia.


1980-1982            Assistant to the Director, International Division, S.G. Warburg & Co. Ltd. Also with Banque Paribas in Paris. Registered Representative, New York Stock Exchange. Specialization in Eurobond issues and new financial instruments (zero-sum bonds, fixed-rate variable rate debt swaps).


1978                     Assistant in the Office of the Secretary of the Navy, United States Department of the Navy, Washington D.C. Worked directly with Assistant Secretary, then Secretary of the Navy, the Hon. Edward Hidalgo, on matters of upward-mobility and education for navy recruits. Also engaged in work in logistics.


2020                     “State Survey Shows Distance Learning Disparities, But Hardest-Hit School Districts Aren’t Revealed.” Maryland Matters, May 28.


2020                     “Desks 6 feet apart? Elementary only? Temperatures taken at the door? Maryland schools plan for coronavirus contingencies.” The Baltimore Sun, May 26.


2020                     “Planning ahead to catch up students when school reopens after coronavirus.” The Hechinger Report, April 3.


2020                     “Maryland education leaders decide against raising high school graduation requirements.” The Baltimore Sun, February 25.


2020                     “Maryland investigates claim of inappropriate help on diploma-related projects.” The Washington Post, January 20.


2019                     “’Frankly, devastating’: Maryland reading scores decline on national assessment.” The Baltimore Sun, October 30.


2019                     “Providence Schools: A Profile of Dysfunction” US. News & World Report, June 28.


2019                     “Here’s what top R.I. officials want you to know about the scathing report on Providence schools” The Boston Globe, June 26.


2018                     “Maryland revises high school graduation requirements, delaying higher standards” The Baltimore Sun, October 27.


2017                     “The era of the Text Book is Over” Education Week, November 14.


2015                     “Initial PARCC Results” The Baltimore Sun, October 27.


2015                     “Building Education’s Watershed Moment” U.S. News and World Report



2013                     “Education Reform: Not Complicated but Seriously Difficult” in

                             Huffington Post (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-m-steiner/the-smartest-kids-in-the-world_b_4151188.html).


2010                     “Mayor and State Reach Deal on a Schools Chief” The New York Times, November 26.


2010                     “A Classics Buff Agonizes Over Challenge to Mayor” The New York Times, November 24.


2008                     “College and Charter Groups Team Up to Train Teachers” Education Week, (cover story) February 6, 2008.


2006                     “An Apple for Fuhrman,” New York Sun Editorial, May 10, 2006.


2006                     Letter in Response to Nicholas, Kristoff’s “Meryl Streep In the Classroom,” The New York Times May 2, 2006.


2005                     Baum, J. Ph.D. “New Dean of Hunter College School of Education Expands Intellectual Options,” Education Update Online, Education update, Inc. September 2005.


2005                     Jacobson, J.,  Schuman, J.  & Walters, A. “Hunter College Names Education Dean; Departing Provost at U. of Wisconsin Rethinks Consulting Gig; College Association Names New Chief,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 2, 2005 


2005                     Hartocollis, A. “Who Needs Education Schools?” The New York Times, July  31, 2005.


2004                     Wolf, A. “The Education-School Alchemists,” The New York Sun, February 6, 2004


2003                     Keller, B. “Education School Courses Faulted As Intellectually Thin,” Education Week, November 12, 2003.



2015-16                Before the House of Deputies, and the Education Committee Ways and Means Committee, Maryland State Senate (Annapolis, MD).


2015                     Before the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (November, Washington DC). 


2011                     Before the Joint Legislative Fiscal and Education Committees, Public Hearing on “2011-2012 Executive Budget Proposal: Topic Elementary and Secondary Education,” (February, Albany, NY)


2011                     Before the Joint Legislative Fiscal and Higher Education Committees, Public Hearing on “2011-2012 Executive Budget Proposal: Topic Higher Education,” (February, Albany, NY)


2010                     Before the New York State Senate Higher Education and Education Committees, Public Hearing on “Teacher Preparation,” (May, Albany, NY)


2010                     Before the Joint Legislative Fiscal and Education Committees, Public Hearing on “2010-2011 Executive Budget Proposal: Topic Elementary and Secondary Education,” (February, Albany, NY)


2011                     Before the Joint Legislative Fiscal and Higher Education Committees, Public Hearing on “2010-2011 Executive Budget Proposal: Topic Higher Education,” (January, Albany, NY)


2008                     Before the New York State Board of Regents, Panel Hearing on “Teacher Preparation for Urban Public Schools” (Albany, New York).


2005                     Before the New York City Council, Panel Hearing on “Teacher Training” (City Hall, New York City). 


French (fluent), Latin, Greek