The faculty of the Johns Hopkins School of Education lead the way in cross-disciplinary collaboration — driving innovative research and its practical application. Dedicated to evidence-based impact and inclusivity, we work to elevate learning experiences and outcomes for all students.

From shaping policy to refining programming, from the early years to college completion, our faculty members and research centers bring forth evidence-based findings that catalyze needed transformation within schools and communities. Through rigorous research and analysis, we generate insights that inform best practices, effecting positive change in today’s dynamic and diverse educational landscapes.

Sought-After Thought Leadership

Johns Hopkins School of Education faculty not only conduct cutting-edge research but also help translate that research into actionable, real-world solutions. Addressing diverse educational needs, from improving teaching practices to promoting equity, our faculty members drive meaningful change.

Faculty Directory

Members of the faculty at the Johns Hopkins School of Education represent a unique range of critical perspectives and expertise that schools and communities seek.

The Johns Hopkins seal on the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus.

80+ Full-Time Faculty

Our full-time faculty also work with joint and courtesy faculty members, and professors emeriti.

Creating Lasting Impact

Collaboration is at the core of our approach. At the Johns Hopkins School of Education, our centers and institutes are dynamic hubs where experts from diverse disciplines unite to tackle today’s most complex educational issues, creating innovative solutions for a better future.