Building on a legacy of research leadership beginning with the milestone Coleman Report in 1966, Johns Hopkins School of Education faculty and research center staff continue to drive the field forward.

Beyond trusted expertise and scholarly contributions, our faculty are known for working toward evidence-based solutions that can produce large-scale improvements in schools, communities, and organizations across the nation and around the world.

Our scholarship and research aim to tackle the most pressing issues in education. From curriculum studies to educational policy, our faculty work together and lead in a diverse range of research areas that directly impact today’s education environments.

With a tireless dedication to advancing knowledge and a deep-seated passion for building an equitable and inclusive future, we work to improve outcomes for all students.


Pioneering Transformative Approaches in Education

  • Administration, Organization, and Leadership

    We focus on optimizing educational leadership and management practices, investigating elements of school and district governance.

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  • Curriculum Studies

    Our interdisciplinary approach encompasses curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation.

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  • Learning and Instruction

    We study the many factors that contribute to optimal learning outcomes, aiming to make classrooms more engaging, inclusive, and effective.

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  • Measurement and Research Methodologies

    Guided by rigorous quantitative and qualitative methodologies, we aim to advance the field of education research.

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  • Social Context of Education

    We investigate how social and cultural factors — including ethnicity, race, class, gender, sexuality, and religion — impact learning

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  • Research, Evaluation, and Assessment in Schools

    We use data-driven insights to assess and improve the effectiveness of policies and programs.

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  • Educational Policy and Politics

    Our work influences and assesses the effectiveness of policies and practices that improve equity, accessibility, and inclusion in education.

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  • Counseling and Human Development

    We examine human development and how to support the well-being of all individuals in diverse settings.

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