Linda Carling is the Director of the Center for Technology in Education at the School of Education and leads a team of experts focusing on transforming teaching and learning with technology. She has nearly two decades of research and experience providing individuals with accessible, meaningful, and engaging learning opportunities, both in-person and virtually.

JHU CTE changes lives through knowledge that matters. In alignment with this vision, Linda Carling builds and implements large-scale learning solutions that combine current pedagogical practices and online tools to engage and transform leaders and educators. Currently, the scope of her work involves designing and implementing technology-supported professional development for state, district, and school leaders to understand and take action around education data; instructing early childhood teachers and special educators to administer and use data from comprehensive early childhood assessments; and building effective partnerships with teachers and families. She has provided leadership as a principal investigator, co-principal investigator, and director for many of the center’s grant-funded projects since 2002. Before she helped the School of Education build their first online program in 2001, she was a dedicated classroom teacher and K-12 virtual learning curriculum developer.