Educational Access and Outcomes

Contact: Teresa O’Connor

We create content and technology solutions that provide equitable access to education and improved outcomes for all children. Our professional learning opportunities teach special and general educators how to plan inclusive and effective differentiated instruction. Our technology solutions promote the effective development, implementation, and monitoring of Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP, age 0-3) and specially designed instruction through the Individualized Education Program process (IEP, age 3-21), as well as early referral for services in infants and toddlers.

Professional Learning Development and Implementation

Contact: Sunnie Kim

We oversee the development and implementation of professional learning activities across multiple projects, including the Early Learning Assessment (ELA) and Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA). Our team designs professional learning models, materials, evaluations, and resources to meet the needs of various stakeholders and ensures they are effectively disseminated and implemented with fidelity.

Early Childhood Research

Contact: Tonya Satchell

We use qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches to analyze, assess, and evaluate early childhood policies, practices, and systems. We understand the complexities and dynamic nature of these systems and acknowledge that individual systems are connected to a larger ecosystem, and that applied research is a necessary component. Evaluation and analysis provide critical feedback for policy makers so that they may make informed decisions that benefit educators, children, and families.

Disability Policy and Systems Change

Contact: Andrea Harkins-Brown

We facilitate meaningful change through collaborative partnerships with states, school districts, and the communities they serve. Our team applies an implementation science approach to conduct, generate, and apply research foundations while balancing fidelity of evidence-based practices to meet the needs of students with disabilities. We design and implement customized interventions that are effective in delivering effective instruction to vulnerable populations of students. Our work focuses on landscape analyses, technical assistance, professional learning, and applied research techniques to build organizations’ capacity to promote inclusionary practices and maintain equity for all learners.

Leadership and Impact

Contact: Melanie Upright

We empower educators with the tools and processes they need to successfully enhance practices and increase outcomes for all children, including those with disabilities. We help local, state, and international education leadership teams to improve outcomes for children and families.

International Teaching and Global Leadership

Contact: Carol Herrmann

The Master of Science in Education — International Teaching and Global Leadership Cohort (ITGL) prepares international educators to become innovative education leaders, with the knowledge and skills to transform schools, systems, and other fast-changing learning environments around the world. The 33- to 35-credit cohort, which includes both core and focus area courses, provides our candidates with the opportunity to build a solid foundation of theory and practice through three semesters of coursework and continuous practical experiences. With exposure to a variety of educational experiences, candidates gain a comprehensive understanding of the different educational models employed in their focus area. This degree prepares candidates to apply their expertise effectively in their home countries.

Business Systems and Technology Solutions

Contact: Kristen Thompson

We design and build technical large-scale data systems and tools that support and advance the educational field. Our team listens to problems and finds creative solutions to solve them by creating technological systems. We also support technology implementation through user feedback for continuous product improvement.

Learning Design and Innovation

Contact: Jinn Winn Chong

We design, develop, and deliver solutions that transform online content into meaningful experiences that engage and inspire. Our team of instructional designers and technologists, visual designers, and application developers combine principles of learning science, design thinking, and product development to create human-centered and goal-oriented learning experiences. We support learners to achieve desired objectives, solve real problems, and adapt to a shifting educational landscape.

Central Operations

Contact: Lisa Reed

As the touchpoint for external and internal partnerships, we provide the scaffolding that supports our teams as they work to achieve CTE’s vision to change lives through knowledge that matters


Contact: Gennarose Pope

Please reach out to us with all press, co-marketing, and communications inquiries.

Three people collaborating on a project in a classroom.