Whether through expertise in administration, technology, or policy — in the United States or around the world — great school leaders can transform entire educational communities: students, families, and neighborhoods.

Students of the Johns Hopkins School of Education can refine their skills in areas such as management, supervision, strategic planning, conflict management, and fundraising to become effective leaders of school communities. They are equipped to thrive in multicultural settings and address the challenges of global education.

Integrating cutting-edge research with hands-on experience, they can gain wide-ranging expertise and practice in school administration, curriculum and instruction, school law, technology, policy, and other vital relevant areas — and go on to careers as public, private, parochial, or charter school principals; district leaders; policymakers and advisers; curriculum specialists; technology directors; lead teachers and department heads; and even founders of their own education-based start-ups.

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8.2% Job Growth

The job market for School Leaders is expected to remain strong. Source: Hanover Research

School Administration & Supervision program has allowed me to grow in school leadership while teaching in Kenya, East Africa. When I compared other programs, none of them came close to John Hopkins’ renowned reputation.

Kevin Wells Current Student, School Administration and Supervision program

Prepared to Lead

Develop the skills for successful educational leadership in K–12 school settings. This program combines practical experience with current best practices in leadership, curriculum and instruction, school law, technology, and other key areas of expertise. The program includes a one-semester supervised internship helping candidates build portfolios of valuable, real-world experience. Enrollees can work full-time while earning their master’s degree in as few as three years.

Partnering for Success — Nationwide

Experts from the Johns Hopkins School of Education founded and continue to lead the National Partnership for Student Success. NPSS is a collaboration of educational organizations, agencies, educators, and families that serves as a framework for evidence-based student supports — tutors, mentors, post-secondary transition coaches, student success coaches, and wraparound student support coordinators. NPSS is a bridge to learning experiences and educational relationships across the many educational environments where young people learn and thrive.

National Partnership for Student Success