Education technology is reshaping the field. Leadership in integrating technology can put you at the forefront of interactive learning — and help you make a difference in people’s lives.

The Johns Hopkins School of Education’s programs in education technology equip our students with advanced skills in instructional design, educational technology integration, and e-learning development, which are in high demand in modern educational institutions and organizations.

With the growing emphasis on online learning and training, the demand for the learning design specialists is increasing. Learning specialists often design creative and interactive learning experiences attractive to organizations across many industries, along with the opportunity to positively impact learning outcomes. They can work as instructional designers, educational technology specialists, e-learning developers, technology integration coaches, curriculum developers, online educators, and educational consultants. They may also find roles in educational software development, educational media production, and technology-related leadership positions in educational institutions.

12.4% Job Growth

Educational support roles are expected to see strong growth in employment opportunities over next years. Source: Hanover Research

I now have a master’s degree from one of the top universities and access to an amazing network of Johns Hopkins alumni and professors. But honestly, this is so small in comparison to the other gains. I learned so much in the DALET program.

Shayla Heavner MS ’18 Mathematics educator and consultant

Lead Your Community into the Future

Gain skills in advanced technologies. Apply the latest science of learning strategies and a constructivist approach to education. Then blend those experiences with valuable assessment and instruction skills with technology tools to accommodate the needs of all learners, including those with special needs. All the while, you will build leadership skills in mentoring, consulting, professional development, and systems change.

Thinking Deeply About Online Learning

The leader of the DALET program at the Johns Hopkins School of Education, James Diamond, has some sobering news: Technology-wise there is a great “reckoning” coming for the American educational system. It will require deep thinking, hard choices, and significant short- and long-term investments in online learning. But the potential outweighs problems: “For the future, we must ensure that all our children have what they need to succeed, face-to-face and online,” Diamond says.

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