Category Alumni
Author Sara Falligant

School of Education building renovation design maintains the former Seton High School’s classic features.

There are a few rules Seton High graduates remember from the Catholic school’s historic building on Charles Street in Baltimore: Make sure to search for the World War I “doughboy” soldier in the stained-glass windows. Never use the main entrance (unless you’re late). Dare new students to find the fifth-floor swimming pool, and beware of Mother Seton’s grave in the underground tunnel that connected the campus’ main building with the sewing lab. (Neither pool nor crypt ever existed, but peeking through the fifth-floor transoms on tippy-toes provided a picturesque view of Baltimore.)

And above all, students must never use the golden stairs.

“When you walk through that front door and you see the golden stairs, you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh,’” says Joyce Trigger, Class of 1981, remembering that only seniors could take the stairs. “It’s still Seton. Your whole youth comes back. We didn’t think about it at the time, but the architecture is beautiful.”


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