Adding a Course

Following initial course registration, students may register for additional courses (or “add” a course), provided that the course(s) has not met for the first time and is not already closed. Students also may add alternate format courses (i.e., short courses that meet for one or two weeks) any time before the first class meeting, provided the course is not closed. Students may not add a course once that course has held its first class meeting.

Students may add courses online using the SIS Self-Service website or by submitting the Add/Drop Form  in person, by email, by fax at 410-516-9817, or by mail to the Office of the Registrar, Johns Hopkins University, School of Education, 6740 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 180, Columbia, MD 21046-2100. (Johns Hopkins employees must submit a tuition remission voucher. Faxed copies of the vouchers are acceptable.) You will need to select a payment method when registering.

When dropping one course and adding another course during the first two weeks of the semester, 100 percent of the tuition from the dropped course may be applied to the tuition of the added course, provided that the added course has not met. (To ensure that 100 percent of the tuition from the dropped course will be applied to the course being added, the Add/Drop Form must be submitted in person or mailed to the Office of the Registrar, emailed to, or faxed 410-516-9817.)

Students who are employed full-time are encouraged to take only one or two courses per semester and must consult their faculty advisor before registering for three or more courses at any one time.

Courses numbered .500 and above require an average of three hours of outside preparation for each class hour. Full-time graduate students are those who enroll for nine or more credits each semester.


If the course for which you are attempting to register is full (has met its enrollment limit), you may be placed on the wait list by going to (See Wait Lists for more information.)