Learn how to drop and withdraw from courses at the Johns Hopkins School of Education.

Dropping a Course Before It Starts (Online & In-Person)

You can drop a course without financial penalty up to the first day of class using the SIS Self-Service portal or by submitting an Add/Drop Form.

Withdrawing from a Course After It Starts (Online & In-Person)

Once classes begin, you can withdraw from a course but you will be charged a prorated amount of tuition depending on what percentage of the semester was completed before the Registrar’s Office received the Add/Drop Form.

Tuition refunds are calculated from the date the Office of the Registrar receives the Add/Drop Form (see refund policy). In normal circumstances, if a student withdraws from courses after the refund schedule deadline, they will not be eligible for any tuition refund. However, in exceptional circumstances, students who withdraw from courses after the refund schedule deadline may petition (using the General Petition Form) for a partial tuition reimbursement.

The specific notation (e.g., a withdrawal notation) that appears on the transcript for a course that a student has withdrawn from depends on how far into the semester a course has progressed before the Registrar’s Office receives the Add/Drop Form.

Students may not withdraw from courses online using SIS Self-Service. 

Please note that failure to attend does not constitute a withdraw. Notice to the instructor of intent to withdraw is not sufficient, nor are telephone withdrawals accepted. To withdraw from a course, students must submit the Add/Drop Form.  The withdraw/audit calendar below lists the last date of each semester to withdraw without academic penalty, without receiving the grade of F.

Withdrawal/Audit Calendar

Transcript NotationShort Courses That Meet 2-3 Class SessionsJanuary IntersessionCourses that Meet 4-9 SessionsCourses that meet 10-14 SessionsCourses that meet 15 or more class sessions
No notation if course is droppedPrior to 1st class meetingPrior to 3rd class meetingPrior to 2nd class meetingPrior to 3rd class meetingPrior to 4th class meeting
WD notation if course is droppedFrom the 1st to 2nd class meetingFrom the 3rd to the 5th class meetingFrom the 2nd to the 3rd class meetingFrom the 3rd to the 6th class meetingFrom the 4th to the 8th class meeting
May not withdraw or changeOnce the 2nd class beginsOnce the 6th class beginsOnce the 4th class beginsOnce the 7th class beginsOnce the 9th class begins

Please note that the registration fee for a student who drops or withdraws from a course is nonrefundable.

Financial aid recipients will have their aid award adjusted according to credits registered. Students dropping to less than half-time status will have their federal aid canceled and will be responsible for any debit balance created.

International students on an F-1 visa are advised to contact the Office of International Services.

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