Withdrawal From A Program

A student wishing to withdraw from a program should consult first with their faculty adviser. If a student decides to withdraw from a program, they must complete the Withdrawal Form and submit it the Office of the Registrar. Depending on the date of the withdrawal (see Withdrawal/Audit Calendar), the student may be responsible for all coursework, tuition, and fees for the current semester, if enrolled in courses.

Submitting the Withdrawal Form to the Office of the Registrar will trigger the following sequence:

  • The student will be withdrawn from the program.
  • Current Courses — If the student wishes to withdraw from their current courses, they must indicate that on the Withdrawal Form and it must be within the permitted time schedule (please refer to the Withdrawal/Audit Calendar). In cases where a student withdraws from a program after the deadline to receive a WD notation on their transcript (see Withdrawal/Audit Calendar for deadlines), they will not be withdrawn from their current coursework. Rather, they will receive the final grade earned for those courses in which they were enrolled as of the date of withdrawal from the School.
  • A refund will be processed, if applicable.
  • Future Courses — The student’s registration for the next semester will be cancelled, if applicable.

A student who formally withdraws from a program but who subsequently wishes to be reinstated must reapply using the school’s regular application process.

Note: Students who wish to switch programs rather than withdraw from the University entirely should refer to the School of Education’s policy on Changing Programs.

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