Fall 2020 Registration

This is an important reminder that registration for the Fall 2020 term will be temporarily suspended from August 15 to August 18,  while we review course enrollment numbers and determine what courses to cancel, additional sections to add, etc.  Therefore, we encourage everyone to register for the Fall term prior to August 15.

PLEASE NOTE:  The registration system will go down at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, August 14.  Once students in affected courses are notified and their schedules adjusted, Fall registration will resume on Wednesday, August 19 at 7 a.m. and continue as before i.e., students will be allowed to add a class(es), provided that the class(es) has not met for the first time and is not already closed.  

The Dean has made the following accommodations for all SOE students for the Fall 2020 term:

  • Financial holds will be lifted for those students who have outstanding balances of $500 or less so that more students can register for the fall without any delays.
  • All late registration and late payment fees will be eliminated for fall 2020.

We know that many students and their families are facing uncertain financial futures due to the pandemic. If you are experiencing financial difficulty and need some assistance with your educational expenses, we encourage you to contact the SOE Financial Aid Office. They continue to be a resource for students and are available to answer any of your questions. 

Should you have any additional questions, please contact the offices below:

JHU reserves the right to make changes prior to, or during the course of a semester, including changing the modality of instruction, modifying the academic calendar, adding or dropping courses or programs, and altering or suspending JHU-provided student housing, services, access to facilities, activities and events or other resources. Any such changes may be applicable to all students, or a specified segment of students, enrolled at the time the change is adopted as well as to students who re-enroll after a period of absence.”

Notice: The Office of the Registrar has temporarily suspended in-person services

In light of the COVID-19 concerns, the Registrar’s Office has temporarily suspended in-person services until further notice, to protect the health and safety of our staff and students.

  • Requests for assistance with registration processes, including add, drop, and withdrawal should be directed to
  • Forms should not be faxed. Instead, they should be scanned and emailed to
  • Students can access verification certificates and grade reports at any time through SIS self-service.
  • Requests for official transcripts must be submitted online through the National Student Clearinghouse at getmytranscript.comONLY ELECTRONIC TRANSCRIPTS CAN BE ISSUED AT THIS TIME. Paper requests will be held for processing once the office is reopened.

We will continue following guidelines provided by the University, which are being reevaluated on a regular basis. Updates will be provided when available. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Contact Us

Office of the Registrar
Johns Hopkins University
School of Education
6740 Alexander Bell Drive | Suite 110
Columbia, MD 21046-2249


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