The Johns Hopkins School of Education provides services and benefits such as financial aid, employer & third-party payments, veterans benefits, student health insurance, tuition support for employees, and more.

Services and Benefits

  • Financial Aid

    Discover grants, scholarships, loan programs, and more through the Johns Hopkins School of Education.

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  • Employer & Third-Party Payments

    Third-party payments can be made by employers or any outside organization that sponsors some or all of your tuition and fees.

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  • Veterans/GI Bill Assistance

    Johns Hopkins is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission for the training of veterans, service members, eligible spouses, and dependents under the provisions of the various federal laws pertaining to Department of Veterans Affairs educational benefits.

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  • Student & Learner Health Benefits

    Effective July 1, 2023, all eligible JHU students and learners have medical, dental, and vision plans available to them.

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  • Tuition Support for Employees

    As a leading institution of higher education, Johns Hopkins University believes in the value of a great education. That’s why we offer you a tuition reimbursement plan designed to help you offset the cost of college courses.

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