Graduation is a significant milestone for our community and we are committed to recognizing our graduates in the best way possible.

Regardless of how we come together to celebrate, we know our graduates will embark on new pathways and careers that they have worked hard to achieve, and we look forward to their important contributions to society.

A student who expects to receive a degree or certificate must submit an Application for Graduation Form and graduation fee of $175. If earning both a certificate and a degree in the same academic year, only one graduation fee of $175 needs to be paid. In order to graduate and receive a diploma for completion of a degree or certificate program, students must first have applied to and been admitted into that same program(s) prior to applying to graduate.

Students who are planning to graduate should apply for graduation using the online graduation application form available through SIS Self-Service. The link to the application is in the Registration menu, found under Program of Study Information. A copy of the graduation form is also available outside of SIS self-service on our Forms and Petitions page.

All students, regardless of whether or not they plan to attend the ceremonies, need to complete this application for graduation approval.

Students must complete separate applications for each degree and/or certificate they expect to receive. Students who have submitted the Application for Graduation will receive a confirmation email from SIS.

Students’ names are placed on the tentative graduation list for the semester in which they anticipate completing their degree/certificate requirements.

Students who are planning to graduate should complete all coursework on time and should not request or receive the grade of “I” (incomplete) during their final semester. 

Note: School of Education records are sealed thirty (30) days after the conferral of a degree. After this date, no changes will be made to a student’s academic record. Therefore, it is imperative that students verify all information on their academic record and request any corrections be made before their records are sealed.

The Johns Hopkins University confers degrees at the end of the summer, fall, and spring semesters. The commencement ceremonies are held in May. The May commencement brochure will include the names of those students who applied to graduate by the designated deadlines for the academic year. (See the application deadlines at the end of this section.)

All graduates will receive their diplomas by mail approximately 6-8 weeks after their degree conferral date. To receive their diplomas, students must pay all student accounts in full and resolve all outstanding charges of misconduct and violations of academic integrity.

The deadlines (which are also listed in the Academic Year Calendar for submitting the graduation application form and fees are as follows: 

Semester Application Deadline
Summer May 30 (conferral date August 25, 2023)
Fall August 28 (conferral date December 29, 2023)
Spring January 22 (conferral date May 23, 2024)