Graduation Eligibility


Once admitted to a degree or certificate program in the School of Education, students must complete all coursework at Johns Hopkins University, except with prior written approval from a faculty adviser. Exceptions are rarely given (see Academic Catalog link for Transfer of Credits).

Students who are planning to graduate should complete all coursework on time and should not request or receive the grade of “I” (incomplete) during their final semester.


Master’s and certificate students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) to retain eligibility for financial aid and to receive approval for graduation. Doctoral students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25 (on a 4.0 scale) to receive approval for graduation.

Time Period

Unless indicated otherwise, students enrolled in master’s or certificate programs have a maximum of five years to complete their degree. With the exception of transfer credits, all credits applied towards a degree or certificate must have been earned within five years prior to the point a student becomes eligible to graduate. Any request for an exemption to this policy—for example, extending the time period allowed to complete a degree/certificate—must be submitted in writing by the student to and approved by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs (or designee). Prior to submitting a formal written request to the Vice Dean (or designee) for an exemption, students are encouraged to discuss matters first with their faculty adviser.

Please note that School of Education records are sealed thirty (30) days after the conferral of a degree. After this date, no changes will be made to a student’s academic record. Therefore, it is imperative that students verify all information on their academic record and request any corrections be made before this date.

Graduation Application

How to Apply to Graduate

In order to graduate and receive a diploma for completion of a degree or certificate program, students must first have applied to and been admitted into that same program(s) prior to applying to graduate.

A student who expects to receive a degree or certificate must have applied for graduation by the deadline listed in the Academic Calendar for the term they will be completing their degree or certificate.

Regardless of ceremony attendance, all students must apply to graduate to be reviewed and approved for degree completion. Students must complete separate applications for each degree and/or certificate they plan to earn.

Students who have submitted the application for graduation will receive a confirmation email. Their names will be placed on the tentative graduation list for the semester in which they anticipate receiving their degree.


  • Once logged in to SIS, go to the Registration menu
  • Select Program of Study Information
  • Click on “Apply for Graduation” next to the program(s) that you are applying to graduate from

Graduation Application Fee

  • $175

Please note that if you are applying for both a degree and certificate(s), you pay only the fee for the degree OR if you are applying for more than one certificate you pay the fee for the certificate once. This applies only to candidates applying for both a degree and certificate or more than one certificate in the same academic year.