Master of Science in Education — International Teaching and Global Leadership Cohort

Preparing Global Education Leaders

The International Teaching and Global Leadership (ITGL) cohort is an intensive master’s degree option that prepares international educators to become innovative education leaders, with the knowledge and skills to transform schools, systems, and other fast-changing learning environments around the world. Candidates choose one of four areas of high-demand focus.

33 Credits

1 Academic Year


Leadership in Early Childhood Education

Young children learn best through structured, engaged play.  Our Early Childhood course of study focuses on implementing evidence-based practices that bring together the latest research in neuroscience and child development to support young students.

■  Eligible candidates should be an experienced teacher or have early childhood educational experience.

■  ITGL graduates will be able to serve as a leader in the field of early childhood education.


Leadership in Educational Technology

Integrating technology into the classroom is the most highly demanded skill in education today. This course of study focuses on Johns Hopkins expertise in creating leading-edge online tools and implementing new methods to manage educational data.

■  Eligible candidates should have educational technology experience.

■  ITGL graduates will be able to serve as a leader in the field of educational technology.


Leadership in Developing Future Talent

When promising learners are not engaged and challenged, a whole nation can lose tremendous potential. This course of study focuses on developing effective programs and instruction for creative and innovative learners—and imbuing those learning skills in all students.

■  Eligible candidates should have educational experience and a vision for creating innovative opportunities for all learners.

■  ITGL graduates will be able to serve as a leader in the creation and development of innovative educational opportunities.

Entrepreneur in Education Focus

Leadership in Entrepreneurial Education

Promoting innovation in the paradigms, strategies, values and culture in school systems, social entrepreneurial ventures, and education companies is critical in today’s educational landscape. This course of study focuses on preparing international entrepreneurs to be creative and innovative, with the knowledge and skills to become successful leaders in entrepreneurial education around the world

■  Eligible candidates should have educational experience and a desire to be creative and innovative in entrepreneurial education around the world.

■  ITGL graduates will be able to build new venture opportunities in varied educational organizations.


As part of an integrated cohort of top scholars, our degree candidates build a solid foundation of theory and practice through three semesters of coursework—and continuous practical experience.

With exposure to a variety of educational experiences, candidates gain a comprehensive understanding of the different educational models employed in their focus area.

America’s First Research University

Johns Hopkins was founded on the principle that by pursuing big ideas and sharing what we learn, we make the world a better place. For more than 140 years, we haven’t strayed from that vision.

Just as Johns Hopkins changed medical education and medical research in the late 19th century, I’d like the School of Education to be the place where policymakers, foundations, and school leaders expect to find the most relevant and useful research that can shape the field of education in the coming decades.

Christopher C. Morphew
Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Education

Dean Christopher Morphew holds a PhD in social sciences and education from Stanford University as well as degrees from Harvard University and the University of Notre Dame. His most recent book, The Challenges of Independent Colleges, co-edited with John Braxton, was published by Johns Hopkins University Press in November 2017.


ITGL is more than a master’s degree program for me. It is a place for us to connect, challenge, discover, improve and enjoy. The whole cohort is like a big family with supportive teachers and classmates.

Grace Chang, MS ’19

You set a good example for me about how to be a qualified teacher. This experience will be a shining point in my life’s journey.

Ziyi Hou, MS ’19

I think this ITGL program has helped me to grasp theoretical knowledge about education and how to design a program that could encourage students to learn independently or through groupwork. The curriculum taught me to integrate classroom teaching with extra curricular activities.

Haixin Li, MS ’19

The ITGL cohort helped me develop global education leadership skills that will help me address future challenges in education.

Wu Zhou, MS ’19


Other programs approach international education from an assimilation philosophy—with models and methods designed for Western education settings.

ITGL is based on an integration philosophy unique among top schools of education. In accordance with International Institute of Education recommendations, our goal is to prepare a well-supported cohort of top scholars to become successful, global educators.

ITGL requires intensive interactions in practical educational settings. Integrating those experiences prepares candidates to apply their expertise effectively in their home countries.

ITGL students benefit from the following services that provide a foundation for success during the program year:

■  Specialized ITGL Orientation

■  Cultural exchange and enrichment activities

■  Group transportation to extended learning experiences

■  Weekly social events and outings

■  Blending of formal and informal learning opportunities

■  Dedicated academic and language services support


Optional Practical Training (OPT) is defined as ‘temporary employment for practical training directly related to the student’s major area of study.’ An F-1 student must coordinate with the Johns Hopkins Office of International Services to apply for post-completion OPT.

This experience is designed to equip students with the best examples of U.S. education practice from coast to coast—including educational organizations, providers, policy groups, and research centers—so a wide range of possibilities can be applied in the student’s home country.


We are pleased to collaborate with ACEE Global to provide the following optional support services to the ITGL cohort:


The ITGL cohort model is built on a philosophy of living and learning together.  Students live in close connection with one another, with access to communal meeting spaces, shared study areas, and after-hours social and business networking.

The housing arrangement is designed to minimize the burden of managing accommodations, utilities, and the other daily living needs so that students can focus on their education in a safe, supportive environment while building professional networks that extend around the globe.


This unique program is not just about transforming students through education, but equipping our graduates with the skills they need to transform their home country’s education systems.

We expose our candidates to experienced mentors, help them build a valuable network of colleagues, and guide them in securing and advancing in professional opportunities back home.


The ITGL cohort is an innovative, holistic approach to preparing educators from around the world. While all international Johns Hopkins students can take advantage of the university’s Office of International Services for basic support services, the ITGL cohort has been specially designed to meet the unique academic, social, living, and career needs of international students seeking to earn the Master of Science in Education from the Johns Hopkins School of Education.

All costs are in U.S. dollars, and students must pay the Total Amount Due by June 15, 2020, the date listed on their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

(3 semesters)
JHU Insurance$2,206
Technology Fee $1,500
Application Fee$80
Total Mandatory$51,786
*Includes a non-refundable tuition deposit of $3,000 paid by student upon acceptance of offer of admission.
Career Coaching and Placement Services**$6,000
Housing Services**
Two Bedroom Shared Unit$15,500
One Bedroom$20,000
**Prices subject to change

Room selections are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Any student who accepts admission to the MS-ITGL Cohort and then officially withdraws from the program will forfeit the Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit of $3,000.  An exception will be made if a student must withdraw due to a visa denial.  In the case of a visa denial, the student must provide a document of evidence of the visa denial from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.  If the student provides acceptable documentation, a full refund minus an Administrative Fee of $500 will be paid.

If a student officially withdraws after payment of the Total Amount Due and at least four (4) weeks before the start of the program, the Total Amount Due will be refunded minus the Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit of $3,000 and minus an Administrative Fee of $2,500.

If a student officially withdraws after payment of the Total Amount Due and less than four (4) weeks before the start of the program but before the start of the third week of classes, the Total Amount Due will be refunded minus the Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit of $3,000 and minus an Administrative Fee of $4,000.  

If a student officially withdraws after the start of the third week of classes, the student will receive no refund of the Total Amount Due because SOE reserved the seat for that student at the exclusion of another prospective student.



  • For master’s programs and graduate certificates, applicants for graduate admission must present official evidence of receipt of a four-year baccalaureate degree equivalent  from an accredited institution of higher education or the equivalent by the time of expected matriculation.
  • At minimum, a cumulative grade point average equivalent to a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (B grade).
  • Official results from the TOEFL or IELTS, taken within two years from the intended term of entry. To be considered for admission, there are minimum required scores that you need to meet:
    • Academic IELTS: an overall band score of 7.0
    • TOEFL: 100 on Internet-based test
  • A course-by-course evaluation of all transcripts.


The application process begins with a screening phase, administered by ACEE Global. Applicants who complete the screening phase and meet the admissions criteria will be instructed by ACEE to submit an online application to the Master of Science in Education – International Teaching and Global Leadership cohort.


Round IRound IIRound III
Application Completion Deadline11/1/20192/3/20203/31/2020
JHU SOE Decision Date Notification12/1/20193/3/20204/28/2020
Enrollment Deposit Deadline1/5/20204/1/20205/15/2020
Signed MOU Date 1/19/20204/15/20205/29/2020
TOTAL AMOUNT DUE:6/15/2020, for all rounds


The MS-ITGL Cohort program does not permit the deferral of admission. If unexpected circumstances are preventing you from starting the MS-ITGL Cohort program in the term you were admitted, you must officially withdraw from the program.  If you are considering withdrawal from the program, please review the MS-ITGL Refund Policy.  If you wish to be considered for admission to the MS-ITGL Cohort program in the future, you must submit a new application.