Mark Trexler holds an Ed.D. from Johns Hopkins University, where his research focuses on career programming and secondary transition for students with mild to moderate disabilities in inclusive high school settings. With a passion for empowering students with disabilities, Trexler has dedicated his career to creating inclusive learning environments and developing innovative educational programs.

Trexler’s educational background includes an M.S. in Special Education from Johns Hopkins University, with a concentration in secondary and adult education for individuals with mild to moderate disabilities. He also earned an M.Ed. in Instructional Design from Penn State University and a B.S. in Telecommunications from Kutztown University.

Currently, Trexler serves as the Extended Learning Coordinator for the ITGL program where he oversees students in the ITGL program gaining a comprehensive understanding of the different educational models employed in their focus area through exposure to a variety of educational experiences that prepare them to become Global Education Leaders. He is also involved in grant level project work for the Center for Technology in Education (CTE). In this role, he plays a pivotal role in helping to develop and implement educational content specifically associated for students with disabilities.

Trexler also fulfills the role of an instructor for various graduate-level courses within the program. Within the ITGL program, he teaches two courses: Advanced Instructional Strategies and Action Research for School Improvement. Additionally, he imparts knowledge in the Special Education graduate school program, where he teaches courses like Career Assessment and Programming, Diversifying the General Education Curriculum, and Classroom Management for Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities.