Jennifer Adams, PhD, earned her master’s and doctoral degrees from Harvard University where she was a Spencer Foundation Research and Training Fellow. Adams has over 20 years of experience working in the field of global education as a teacher, school leader, and educational researcher in East Asia (Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong). She received the Fulbright Specialist Award for Indonesia and Israel Faculty Fellowship in 2022. She was selected to serve on the Hong Kong Research Grants Council’s Collaborative Research Fund award panel 2023-2026 after serving on the Education and Social Sciences panels 2014-2019.

In prior positions, Adams taught graduatelevel courses in comparative and international education, quantitative research methods, and survey data collection. Her research identifies and investigates educational opportunity, salient dimensions of children’s school experiences in rural communities, and the educational impact of social, demographic, and economic shifts associated with rapid globalization and development, primarily in China. Adams’ most recent research investigates how climate change shapes children’s learning in diverse contexts. In one project, she explores the short and long-term educational impact of climate-induced natural disasters in Indonesia. In other cross-national research, she focuses on the links between environmental literacy, climate change education and global citizenship identification. Her scholarly work advances our understanding of key dimensions of educational inequality, particularly in resource-constrained rural or climate-affected areas in a way that can inform educational policy and has the potential to improve disadvantaged students’ life chances.