Alumni organizations provide members with exciting and stimulating networking opportunities, events, community outreach, and professional development.

John Hopkins Alumni Association

The Johns Hopkins Alumni Association offers alumni support to stay connected and advance the Johns Hopkins mission–and have some fun. Regional and affinity events, in-person and virtual networking, mentorship opportunities, reunion and alumni weekends, world travel, and more — none of it can happen without your support.

John Hopkins Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is the governing body of the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association, and is responsible for its overall direction and management. The council consists of 64 voting members and nine student representatives, one from each division. The full council holds an annual meeting each October in Baltimore.

Black Alumni Networking Group

The Black Alumni Networking Group, established in 2022, encourages community and networking among the Johns Hopkins School of Education’s Black alumni, faculty, and students. Driven by alumni volunteers, this group hosts networking events to explore opportunities for mentorship, fundraising, strategic partnerships, and more.

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