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Doctor of Education (EdD)

Thank you for your interest in our Doctor of Education Program. Due to the large number of applications, we are not able to accept additional applications for the 2014 cohorts 21st Century Educator, Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education, or Special Education specializations. Applications are being accepted for the Counselor specialization and the Montgomery County Public Schools cohorts through April 1st. Please come back to our website soon for an updated list of specializations for the 2015 cohorts.

To address the dramatically changing landscape of education in the 21st century, which includes advances in technology, new research on the science of learning, and the emergence of a for-profit education sector, the Johns Hopkins University School of Education (SOE) faculty have developed an innovative and highly dynamic online Doctor of Education (EdD) degree program. The online EdD program is specifically designed to prepare an exceptional corps of educational leaders, both nationally and internationally, who can set a high standard for leadership in education and are equipped to meet the vast challenges associated with improving both public and private educational environments.

Program requirements include a minimum of 90 graduate credits beyond the bachelor's degree. Of these, 36 credit hours of prior coursework at the master's level may be accepted as transfer credits from another institution and a minimum of 54 credits must be completed at JHU.

The foundation of the program is required coursework in three core areas:

  • Science of Learning
  • Educational Organizations, Contexts, and Systems
  • Applied Research and Evaluation

Students also complete an Area of Specialization. Specializations will vary from year to year with specializations anticipated to be repeated every other year. For fall 2014, students chose from one of the following specializations:

Please note that the deadline for applying to the fall 2014 cohort has passed with the exception of those applying to the Counseling specialization and MCPS employees applying for the MCPS cohort in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education (deadline April 1, 2014). We anticipate that the specializations for the fall 2015 cohort will be posted by the end of March.

In addition to successfully completing all coursework requirements (Program of Study), students will complete three interconnected projects across their three years of coursework resulting in an Applied Dissertation focused on a Problem of Practice within the student's context of professional practice. SOE researchers will support students in completing program requirements. The student's Executive Sponsor within their organization will ensure students have access to data and educational contexts necessary to succeed in this program.

Since the EdD program is designed specifically for the practicing educator, GREs will not be required for admission to the program. However, the coursework is rigorous and candidate selection is highly competitive.

To apply, please go the How To Apply page on our admissions website. For more information, contact or call (877) JHU-SOE1 Toll Free.

Applied Dissertation and Examples of Problems of Practice
Program Goals
Program of Study
EdD Overview
EdD Admissions Requirements
Executive Sponsor
Frequently Asked Questions
SOE Tuition and Fees
SOE Financial Aid Information

Note: Current and prospective students from AR, IA, MN and WI should be aware of state-specific information for online programs.

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Faculty Contact
Dr. Stephen Pape

Academic Program Administrator
Janet Mason

Janelle Bradley

“I’m very impressed with the design of this program, especially the course sites and orientation modules. As a student, it’s reassuring to know that my learning is being supported in such a well-thought out and organized environment.”

-Nicholas Sproull
EdD Doctoral Student, Associate Director of High School Review for NCAA