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Olivia Marcucci Portrait

Olivia Marcucci, PhD

Assistant Professor

Olivia Marcucci is an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Education. She is an interdisciplinary scholar of racial justice and equity in schools. Her current research agenda focuses specifically on the social and cultural processes that contribute to or disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. Endemic to this work is the reimagining of how ‘community’ and ‘justice’ are enacted in American schools. She has published her scholarship in journals like Urban Education, Education & Urban Society, and The Urban Review, as well as presented at national and international conferences. Through her scholarship, Olivia has built multiple research-practice partnerships with educators and/or students. These community-engaged research projects have generated new knowledge, practices, and policies in their respective school communities. She holds a PhD in Education from Washington University in St. Louis.


2019 PhD, Education, Washington University in St. Louis
Strand: Social Context of Education
Graduate Certificate: American Culture Studies
Dissertation: The Hyper-Disciplining of Black Students: Psychological and Sociological Investigations into American Schools
Committee: Rowhea Elmesky (chair), Carol Camp Yeakey, William F. Tate IV, Crystal Laura, Ebony Duncan-Shippy

2013 MSW, Washington University in St. Louis
Concentration: Urban Education & Social Justice
Specialization: Research

2010 BA, Harvard University
Concentration: Folklore & Mythology (cum laude)


Educational equity, social contexts of education, race, school discipline & restorative justice, the school-to-prison pipeline, and applied research methods



Elmesky, R., Yeakey, C. C., & Marcucci, O. (Eds.). (2017). The power of resistance: Culture, ideology, and social reproduction in global contexts. Bingley, United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing.


Marcucci, O. (2020). From the ‘discipline gap’ to ‘hyper-disciplining’: A discursive shift in how we talk about the disciplining of Black students. Teachers College Record. ID Number: 23361

Marcucci, O., & Elmesky, R. (2020). Advancing culturally relevant discipline: An ethnographic microanalysis of disciplinary interactions with Black students. Urban Education. DOI: 10.1177/0042085920909165

Marcucci, O. (2020). Implicit bias in the era of social desirability: Understanding antiblackness in rehabilitative and punitive school discipline. The Urban Review, 1-28. DOI: 10.1007/s11256-019-00512-7

Johnson, Jr. O., Jabbari, J., Williams, M., & Marcucci, O. (2019). Disparate impacts: Balancing the need for safe schools with racial equity in discipline. Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences. DOI: 10.1177/2372732219864707

Marcucci, O. (2019). Parental involvement and the Black-White discipline gap: The role of parental social and cultural capital in American achools. Education & Urban Society. DOI: 10.1177/0013124519846283

Marcucci, O. (2017). Zora Neale Hurston and the Brown debate: Race, class, and the progressive empire. Journal of Negro Education, 86(1), 13-24. DOI: 10.7709/jnegroeducation.86.1.0013

Chapters or Contributions to Edited Works:

Marcucci, O., & Macrander, A., (forthcoming). Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In B. Krauthamer (Ed.), Encyclopedia of African American culture: From Dashikis to Yoruba. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood.

Marcucci, O., & Elmesky, R. (2016). Roadblocks on the Way to Higher Education: Non-Dominant Cultural Capital, Race, and the “Schools are Equalizer” Myth. In W. F. Tate , N. Staudt , & A. Macrander (Eds.), The Crisis of Race in Higher Education: A Day of Discovery and Dialogue (Diversity in Higher Education, Volume 19) (pp.85 – 107). Bingeley, United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Marcucci, O. (2016). Restoring relationships: How restorative justice can be an anti-bullying intervention. In A. Osanloo (Ed.), Creating and negotiating collaborative spaces for socially just anti-bullying interventions and innovations for K-12 schools (pp. 387-401). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.


2019 Excellence in Educational Research award, Department of Education, Washington University in St. Louis

2019 American Education Research Association’s Classroom Management SIG Carol Weinstein Outstanding Paper Award
Awarded to the most outstanding research paper presented at the previous year’s annual meeting

2018 American Education Research Association Research Service Grant ($4,485)
Funding for the research project, “A Toolkit for the Authentic Implementation of Restorative Justice”

2018-2019 Lynne Cooper Harvey Fellowship in American Culture Studies ($23,593.60)

2018-2019 The Writing Center’s Graduate Student Fellowship ($3,500)

2017 National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowship Semi-finalist

2013-Present Mr. and Mrs. Spencer T. Olin Fellowship for Women in Graduate Study ($127,000)
Endowed Fellowship: Robert R. Anschuetz Memorial Olin Fellow in American Culture Studies


Marcucci, O. (accepted for 2020). “Creating Culturally Responsive Restorative Justice Practices: An Ethnographic Process Evaluation of Restorative Circles in a Predominantly Black High School.” International Conference of the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment. Chicago, Il.

Harris, K., & Marcucci, O. (accepted for 2020). “Addressing the Enduring Legacy of Inequality in Private Schools: A Cultural Audit.” International Conference of the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment. Chicago, Il. (Conference postponed to March 2021).

Elmesky, R., & Marcucci, O. 2020. “When Racial and Restorative Justice Intersect: A Case Study from a Predominantly Black District.” Annual Meeting of American Education Research Association. San Francisco, CA. (Conference cancelled).

            +invited AERA presidential session

Harris, K., & Marcucci, O. 2020. “Racial Equity in Independent Schools: Examining the Relationships between School Climate, Student Engagement, & Achievement.” Annual Meeting of American Education Research Association. San Francisco, CA. (Conference cancelled). 

Williams, M., Jabbari, J., & Marcucci, O. 2019. “Policies of social control and race: Moving towards restorative justice practices.” The Society for the Study of Social Problems. New York, NY.

Marcucci, O., Elmesky, R., & Tuths, M.* 2018. “Cultivating race-conscious conversations: Integrating video microanalysis in restorative circles in a diverse high school classroom.” International Institute for Restorative Practices World Conference. Detroit, MI.

*Educator collaborator

Elmesky, R., & Marcucci, O. 2018. “Reframing the Cultural Mismatch Hypothesis: Neoliberal school discipline, Cultural Capital, and the Racial Discipline Gap.” Education Reform, Communities and Social Justice Conference at Rutgers University. New Brunswick, NJ.

Marcucci, O. 2018. “The contribution of implicit bias on discrete types of disciplinary decisions by White teachers.” Annual Meeting of American Education Research Association. New York, NY.

*Carol Weinstein Outstanding Paper Award in American Education Research Association’s Classroom Management SIG

 Marcucci, O. 2018. “When White teachers are biased: A preliminary analysis of the effects of implicit bias on the racial discipline gap.” Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, Olin Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis. St. Louis, MO.

Marcucci, O. 2016. “Reimagining Discipline as Dialogical: Critical Theory, Restorative Practices, and Teacher Pushback.” Annual Meeting of American Education Research Association. Washington, DC.

Elmesky, R., Yeakey, C. C., Yin, M., & Marcucci, O. 2016. “The Power of Resistance: Youth Alienation in Global Contexts.” Urban Affairs Association Annual Conference. San Diego, CA.

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Marcucci, O. 2016. “The Role of Teacher Buy-in in Restorative Justice in a Predominately Black School.” Ethnography in Education Research Forum. Philadelphia, PA.

Marcucci, O. 2015. “The Moderating Effects of Parental Engagement on Discipline Disproportionality in American Schools.” Annual Meeting of American Education Research Association. Chicago, Il.