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Karen Karp: SOE Faculty 

Karen K. Karp EdD

Visiting Professor


Karen S. Karp is a visiting professor in the Ed.D. program in the School of Education. For 21 years prior to this appointment, she was professor of mathematics education in the Department of Early and Elementary Childhood Education at the University of Louisville. She was also the chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning for five years. She was a recipient of two of the University of Louisville’s Presidential awards—the Distinguished Teaching Award and the Distinguished Service Award for a Career of Service. She also received the Outstanding Doctoral Mentor Award at the University of Louisville.

She is the author or co-author of 17 book chapters, approximately 40 articles and more than 20 books, including Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally, Student Centered Mathematics; Developing Essential Understanding of Addition and Subtraction for Teaching Mathematics; and Inspiring Girls to Think Mathematically.

She is a former member of the board of directors of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and a former president of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. While on the NCTM board, she was co-principal investigator on a grant funded by the National Science Foundation to bring together teams of mathematics and special educators to develop research supporting the teaching of mathematics to students with disabilities. She continues to work in classrooms across the country to support teachers of students with disabilities in their mathematics instruction.


Ed.D., Hofstra University, Education Administration and Policy Studies
M.S., Adelphi University, Special Education
B.S., Adelphi University, Elementary Education

Courses Taught

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Recent Publications and Presentations

Cook, K., Bush, S., & Karp, K. (2016). Clarifying confusing science rules, vocabulary, and diagrams. The American Biology Teacher. 78(8), 676-678.
Fennell, F. & Karp, K. (2016). Fraction sense: Foundational understandings. Journal of Learning Disabilities. 1-3. 
Bush, S., Karp, K. & Nadler, J. & Gibbons, M. (2016). Exploring proportional reasoning using artwork. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. 22(4), 216-225.
Bush, S., Albanese, J. & Karp, K. (2016) What’s in a name – an age? Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. 22(1), 28-37.
Karp, K., Bush, S. & Dougherty, B. (2016) Establishing a mathematics whole school agreement. Teaching Children Mathematics. 23(2), 69-71. 

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