Neuro-Education Initiative

Bridging Research from the Learning Sciences to Education

Neuroeducation, an emerging field intersecting the science of learning and education, has the potential not only to inform but also to transform processes of teaching and learning. New tools in the fields of neuroscience and the cognitive and psychological sciences are shedding light on mental processes such as memory, attention, emotion and how the human mind develops. The Johns Hopkins University School of Education’s Neuro-Education Initiative (NEI) links research and practice through the following initiatives:

  1. Bridging the gap between research from the science of learning and educational practice through regional and national conferences and institutes
  2. Providing rigorous courses of study through the Mind, Brain, and Teaching graduate certificate EdD doctoral specialization
  3. Offering online professional development modules that provide Continuing Education Units, micro badging, and competency-based assessments
  4. Expanding innovative research in the learning sciences to inform educational practice, policies, and products
  5. Expanding, piloting, and prototyping NEI innovations through school and non-profit partnerships, and collaboration with various entrepreneurial organizations


The Neuro-Education Initiative was founded in 2008 through a collaborative effort of the School of Education and the School of Medicine’s Brain Science Institute. The NEI has become an international leader in the growing field of neuroeducation and was among the first university initiatives to foster interdisciplinary collaborations to address the intersection between education and basic and applied science.

Academic Programs

Professional Development Programs

Introducing a new online Professional Development course. Are you interested in neuroeducation, but tight on time? This new course offers modules for students to learn at their own pace. Continuing Education Units are awarded upon completion.

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Recent Research and Publications

Research has focused on the effects of arts integration on long-term retention of academic content and the effects of neuroeducation content on teacher practices and teacher efficacy.

National media coverage of NEI research initiatives:

Recent research studies and publications:

School Partnerships

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