Mariale Hardiman, Professor Emeritus, was co-founder and director of Johns Hopkins’ Neuro-Education Initiative (NEI). The NEI has been recognized as an innovative cross-disciplinary program that provides educators with relevant research from the learning sciences through the Mind, Brain, and Teaching master’s and doctoral courses and professional development programs. Hardiman has also served as the vice dean of academic affairs at the Johns Hopkins School of Education and served twice as interim dean. Her research and publications focus on enhancing educational practices through techniques that foster innovation and creative problem-solving. Research includes randomized control trials investigating the effects of arts integration on long-term retention of content and student engagement. She is also investigating how knowledge of the learning sciences influences teaching practices and teacher efficacy beliefs. In addition, she is interested in instructional practice, pedagogy, urban education, special education programming and exceptional children, including gifted education.

Before joining Johns Hopkins in 2006, Hardiman worked in the Baltimore City Public Schools for more than 30 years, serving in a variety of leadership and administration related roles. As the principal of Roland Park Elementary/Middle School, she led the school to its designation as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. With the use of the Brain-Targeted Teaching® Model that she developed, the school was recognized nationally for innovative arts programming.

Hardiman presents nationally and internationally on topics related to the intersection of research in the learning sciences with effective teaching strategies, including meaningful integration of the arts. She has significant clinical experience in educational leadership development and education for children with disabilities.