Category Admissions
Date & Time April 18, 2023, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Location Columbia Center
Type Seminar/Lecture/Session
Format Public

The Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Teaching (MBT) program builds upon basic and applied research from cognitive science, psychology and brain science, neurology, neuroscience, and education to inform educational practices and policies. Courses integrate these diverse disciplines to explore human learning and development. Topics of study include emotion and learning, memory, attention, cognitive development, learning differences, literacy, and numeracy.

The 15-credit graduate certificate is designed for pre-K–20 teachers, administrators, and student support personnel seeking to learn how research in cognitive science and neuroscience can shape the future of education. The program is designed for PK–16 teachers and instructors, administrators, and support personnel. The courses are offered in sequential order in a cohort structure.

The program is part of the Johns Hopkins Neuro-Education Initiative and a collaboration between the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the Kennedy Krieger Institute, and the Brain Science Institute to foster dialogue among educators and brain scientists, to inspire joint research, and to enrich educational practice.

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