Category Admissions
Date & Time February 28, 2023, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Location Columbia Center
Type Seminar/Lecture/Session
Format Public

The Master of Education in the Health Professions (MEHP) is partnership of five Johns Hopkins schools, including the schools of Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Business, and Education, that prepares a new generation of leaders in education related to medicine, public health, nursing, and other health professions. The program integrates interdisciplinary expertise to provide faculty the most current and effective theories, strategies, and measurements to ensure they have the skills to teach future health professionals best practices that improve the quality of patient care.

The MEHP program consists of an 18-credit foundation in evidence-based teaching (available as a stand-alone post-master’s certificate) and a 16.5-credit specialization in either of two tracks: research or leadership. The research track prepares candidates for the research process, from identifying relevant questions and sound methodologies, to results interpretation and publication. The leadership track prepares candidates who can lead curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation; program advocacy; funding identification and support; staff management; program management; and educational policy development and/or implementation.

Customization is achieved through electives, projects, and/or the practicum. In both options, participants develop an educational research or leadership project and the results are prepared for publication and presentation.

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