Category Admissions
Date & Time March 16, 2023, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Type Seminar/Lecture/Session
Format Public

This 33 to 36 credit master’s degree program is focused on the changing landscape of education policy in the 21st century in the wake of No Child Left Behind. The field is looking for leaders with sophisticated skill sets who are able to understand complex federal and state statutes and regulations, to research and report on initiatives, to draft policy and regulatory language; to conduct financial analyses; and to possess a deep understanding of the inequities in education. They must then combine it all with a knowledge of the strongest educational models to shape effective, evidence-based education policies. This program comprises 11 or 12 three-credit courses delivered online, except for the first-semester hybrid course: Introduction to Education Policy, which includes an in-person, five-day residency in Washington, D.C. Students can also opt to include a three-credit internship for an experiential learning opportunity.

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