Steven Sheldon is an Associate Professor in the School of Education and a Co-Director of the Center for School, Family, and Community Partnerships.  His research focuses on the predictors and impact of family engagement in children’s education with a focus on the role of school and teacher outreach to families. Sheldon has led program evaluations of family engagement programs and statewide centers for family engagement, as well as district-led community school initiatives. His research examines  how school leadership and program evaluation impact the development of school, family, and community partnership programs within schools and school systems.  In addition, he has  studied the extent to which teacher and school practices such as  home visits, on-line communication, and family workshops are associated with family engagement in children’s learning and student outcomes such as student attendance and students’ perceptions of themselves and their school. .

Sheldon is the author of numerous reports and peer reviewed articles about the development and impact of school, family, and community partnership programs in schools, and has co-authored four books: Principals Matter: A Guide to School, Family, and Community Partnerships (Sanders & Sheldon, 2009),  School, Family, and Community Partnerships: Your Handbook for Action (Epstein, et al., 2009),  The Wiley Handbook on Family, School, and Community Relationships in Education (Sheldon & Turner-Vorbeck, 2019), and School, Family, and Community Partnerships: Preparing Educators and Improving Schools 3rd Edition (Epstein & Sheldon, 2023).  He also teaches in the Education Doctorate program in the School of Education. Sheldon earned his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Michigan State University.

Keywords: Family engagement; school, family, and community partnerships; principal leadership; program evaluation; student attendance; parental/family perceptions.