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March 30, 2020: Johns Hopkins School of Education Admissions Offices is committed to working with applicants during the widespread operational disruptions resulting from the COVID-19 Virus. In the sections below, we have included information to assist applicants to complete requirements during service disruptions and delays. Please visit our special admissions update announcement page for updates.


The student community at the School of Education is diverse and we welcome students from all over the world to join us. If you are an international student interested in applying to a program at SOE, you must follow the same application process and submit the same general application materials as your peers, along with some additional requirements.


When completing the application, provide your full legal name, as listed in your passport. If your transcripts or other supporting documents were issued in another name, also include that name on your application and attach a letter of explanation and evidence of the name change.


Applicants should visit the admissions requirements and deadlines section for more information. Where listed as rolling admission, prospective international applicants should follow the priority consideration deadlines.

For summer semester admissions, international applicants may be considered for full-time graduate degree programs only. Applications for part-time degree programs beginning in the summer will not be considered.


For international applicants seeking to obtain a course by course credential evaluation for academic transcripts and degrees, the Johns Hopkins School of Education has extended approval for applicants’ use of the following agencies for international credential evaluations. In addition to World Education Services (WES) and Educational Credential Evaluator (ECE), our approved partners, we have extended approval for applicants select from a list of evaluation agencies listed on the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) website.

These following agencies are reporting that they are open and conducting evaluations during the wide-spread shutdown of U.S. organizations due to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. Due to extensive delays and service disruptions, we strongly encourage that applicants make arrangements with one of these agencies, and allow 8-10 weeks to obtain a completed evaluation. Please request that these evaluation agencies send any completed evaluations to the SOE Admissions Office electronically.

Int'l Credential Eval. ServicesStatus as of 3/30/20Website
Foundation for International ServicesOpen/Accepting New Clients
Global Education GroupOpen/Accepting New Clients
SpanTran EvaluatorsOpen/Accepting New Clients


Online English Language Test: J-Check

While we prefer the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE, we will accept the J-Check test as an alternative for applicants living in China and the surrounding region who have been affected by test cancellations. If you already have TOEFL or IELTS test results, please submit those and do not take the J-check test. Our preferred minimum score on the J-Check test is 4.5 out of 6.0.

Follow the instructions below to complete the J-Check test.

  • Go to
  • Purchase a J-Check test ID and password. The fee is $99, and you will have your test ID and password e-mailed to you within 48 hours.
  • Once you have your ID and password, you will log-in and have the opportunity to take a free practice test before proceeding to the official J-Check test. The test requires that it be taken on a PC desktop or laptop computer with internet access, a microphone, and an activated webcam. It cannot be completed on an Apple computer or a tablet or smartphone. Technical requirements are provided on the J-Check website:
  • You will receive a copy of your results by e-mail, and official test results are sent to Johns Hopkins University within 24-48 hours. It may take an additional business day for the score to show as received on your application checklist.


Please use the institution code 8585 to have your TOEFL scores sent to SOE. (A code for IELTS is not required.) To be considered for admission, there are minimum required scores that you need to meet:

  • TOEFL: 600 on paper based or 100 in internet based test (iBt)
  • Academic IELTS: An overall band score of 7.0

An international applicant requiring a student (F-1) visa to attend school must obtain full admission to a degree program well in advance of the start of the semester. The School of Education does not issue certificates of eligibility (Form I-20) for 1) conditional acceptance to a degree program, 2) a fully online program, or 3) any certificate programs. The application and other required admission documents must be received by the Office of Admissions on or before the posted application deadlines. If applications and other required documents are not received by the Office of Admissions on or before the deadline, the application will automatically be considered for the next available semester. Students seeking an F-1 visa are required to show proof that they can afford all tuition and expenses for the academic year in order to receive their I-20 status.

Upon receipt of an acceptance package from the School of Education, the international student who needs to obtain a student (F-1) visa is required to contact the Office of International Services (OIS) at 667-208-7001 or to request a certificate of eligibility (Form I-20). The I-20 is not automatically sent with the acceptance package. Before an I-20 is issued, the international student is required to send financial documentation and a notarized affidavit of support to:

Johns Hopkins School of Education
Office of Admissions
6740 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 180
Columbia, MD 21046-2100

In order to maintain F-1 visa status, students must adhere to the regulations set by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Failure to abide by any of the regulations could result in students being considered “out-of-status” by USCIS.

Upon arrival at Johns Hopkins, international students on an F-1 visa are required to visit the OIS and bring passports, I-94 cards, and I-20s. Before leaving the United States for any reason, the I-20 must be signed by an OIS staff member in order for the student to re-enter the country. It is imperative to schedule an appointment with the OIS four weeks prior to the departure date.

Students on an F-1 visa must pursue a full course of study at the school listed on the currently valid Form I-20 during every academic session or semester, except during official school breaks. Full-time status/full course of study is defined by the School of Education as being enrolled in minimally nine credits each fall and nine credits each spring semester for graduate study, and as being enrolled in minimally 12 credits each fall and 12 credits each spring semester for undergraduate study.

Credits completed during the January intersession are counted toward the spring semester count (for example, three credits completed in the 2019 January intersession and six credits completed in the 2019 spring semester, equate to nine credits for the spring 2019 semester). Summer semester courses are not considered when calculating full-time F-1 visa status, although credit earned during summer semester courses may be applied toward a student’s degree.

In order to comply with USCIS regulations, all F-1 students are required to register for the full course load at the beginning of each fall and each spring semester. Other regulations are outlined in the letter the international student receives with the Form I-20.

Assisting students on F-1 visas is central to the support for international students provided by OIS. The office can also assist students who hold other nonimmigrant visas and direct them to the appropriate resources or government offices. If students are unclear about the type of visa they should obtain, they should visit the USCIS website for additional information, or contact OIS at 667-208-7001 or with any questions.

All current international students on F-1 visas sponsored by the School of Education are automatically subscribed to the International Service listserv upon the first semester of enrollment. Regular updates are sent regarding visa-related matters and other items of interest to international students.

Note: Federal financial aid is not available for international students.

Note: For summer semester admissions, international applicants may be considered for full-time graduate degree programs only. Applications for part-time degree programs beginning in the summer will not be considered.


International applicants who hold types of visas other than an F-1 visa and who wish to enroll as part-time Graduate Special Students (non-degree) should follow the application directions outlined under Graduate Special Students (non-degree). International graduate students attending other institutions on student (F-1) visas during the regular academic year are also welcome to enroll as Graduate Special Students (non-degree) during the summer.

  • Campuses are located in Baltimore and Columbia, Maryland. Select programs require attendance about both campus locations. (See Campus Locations & Programs for more information.)
  • Please note that public transportation is not available from the Homewood Campus to the Columbia Center. In most programs, students are expected to travel to different campuses for classes. Traveling time during the non-rush hours between Homewood and Columbia is 35 minutes (approximate times – depending on routes of travel).
  • The School of Education does not offer on-campus housing for students. Off-campus housing is available near our two campuses. (See Life at Hopkins for more information.)
  • Students who are not U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or other eligible non-citizens (status of refugee, asylum, humanitarian parole, Cuban-Haitian Entrant) are considered international students and are not eligible for federal financial assistance
  • F-1 students are required to show proof that they can afford all tuition and expenses for the academic year in order to receive their I-20 form.
  • In order to receive a student (F-1) visa, you must be fully admitted to a degree program well in advance (approximately two months before) of the start of the semester.
  • Full-time status is defined as being enrolled in a minimum of nine credits for graduate study or 12 credits for undergraduate study each semester (fall and spring).
  • SOE does not issue I-20 eligibility certificates for provisional or conditional acceptance to any program, fully online programs, nor do we issue an I-20 for graduate certificate programs.

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