Cohort 2023
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Education MBA, University of Maryland College Park, BS Marketing and Logistics, Transportation, & Supply Chain Management, University of Maryland College Park
Research Interests Innovation, creativity, and talent development; Experiential learning and agency/entrepreneurism; Educational impact on career readiness and economic mobility

With 20 years of experience as a business-transformation-leader, Rachel entered the doctoral program at Johns Hopkins School of Education to study factors that fuel human capacities for innovation. Through her work, she aspires to use her experience in leading organizational change to unlock greater potential for students to shape the future.

Over the course of Rachel’s career, she’s galvanized multi-billion-dollar enterprises to achieve next-level performance – spearheading 32% growth in digital customer acquisition efficiency at Amazon Web Services, championing top-line recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic at Marriott International, accelerating product roadmap delivery by four years for the nation’s leading human capital company, among other ‘think big’ accomplishments.

Rachel believes education can ignite more inspired, profound innovation that improves life across the human experience. Her research interests include innovation, creativity, and talent development in K-12 schools; the role of experiential learning in building student agency and entrepreneurism; and the impact of educational opportunities on students’ career readiness and economic mobility.

She welcomes the opportunity to network, collaborate, and explore unconventional ideas pertaining to education reform.