Cohort 2023
Research Interests Teacher development; Executive functioning; Learning access; Social perspective taking; School reform; Race and diversity

Claire Shin is a PhD candidate at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education.  She is interested in approaches to increase teacher and student executive functioning to improve learning in schools.  Prior to joining the doctoral program, Shin was a Regional Superintendent with Achievement First, managing high schools in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York.  She has also been an urban principal for 12 years, founding an elementary school in Hartford and two high schools in Brooklyn.

Shin started her career as a consultant with the Monitor Company before transitioning to teaching as a Corps Member with Teach For America in New York City where she also served as the Managing Director of Program and Deputy Chief Program Officer.  As a consultant with Springpoint Schools, she had the opportunity to visit and work with high schools around the country and build a pilot program coaching high school freshmen to develop stronger executive functioning skills.  Shin has coached and mentored students, teachers, and school leaders and is eager to build on the perspectives gained from these experiences through research.