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Dear Alumni and Friends,

As you know, a big part of my work since arriving in August has been to spend time assessing and evaluating what we do in the School of Education. Some of that assessment has been at the school level, but I’ve also focused on assessing what we’re doing program by program. It’s important that we constantly assess what we’re doing and ascertain how we might operate differently, and I’ll continue to do this throughout my tenure as Dean.

The Division of Public Safety Leadership has a decades-long history as a leader in its area and as a distinctive and important part of the School of Education. The division has produced an extraordinary number of leaders in the field of public safety, including many high-profile alumni who serve Maryland and our region.

More recently, the division has experienced enrollment declines and has been working on reinventing itself, including the addition of new degree programs. In my examination of the division and its current challenges, I came to the conclusion that a number of conditions were conspiring to create an environment that would make success unlikely.

As a result, I have made the decision to limit future enrollments to the PSL program and identify a sunset date of December 2019 for the division.

The School of Education is committed to supporting and teaching all PSL students. A sunset date of December 2019 will allow enough time for all current PSL students to finish their programs, including a cohort that will be admitted for January 2018. All research and contracts will also continue.

I’d like to thank Doug Ward and Chris Dreisbach for their leadership, and extend my sincere appreciation to all PSL faculty and staff.

Thank you.


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Christopher C. Morphew, PhD


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