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A book, co-edited by Dean Christopher Morphew, documenting the challenges and opportunities facing independent colleges in several important areas, including public purposes and student engagement, has been published by The Johns Hopkins University Press.

The book, The Challenge of Independent Colleges, will be released on Friday, Dec. 1, and includes nine chapters written by leading higher education scholars who frame big topical issues ranging from “Access and Affordability” to “Institutional Strategy.”

Each chapter is followed by a short, critical reaction written by a provost or president at a Council of Independent Colleges member institution. These reactions demonstrate how the information contained in the chapter might be used by institutional leaders to make decisions and what other information on the chapter’s topic might be useful for leaders at independent colleges and universities.

The other co-editor of the book, John Braxton, is a professor of higher education at Vanderbilt University and co-author of Professors Behaving Badly: Faculty Misconduct in Graduate Education, published in 2011 by Johns Hopkins University Press.

In the preface to The Challenge of Independent Colleges, Dean Morphew explains that the book is an attempt to bridge a research-to-practice divide and connect the work of higher education scholars with the realities of campus leaders who confront complex problems daily.

“It’s a comprehensive and thoughtful analysis of the state of small independent colleges today,” said Matthew Hartley, a professor of education at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education.

Before joining the Johns Hopkins School of Education, Dean Morphew was a professor and executive associate dean in the College of Education at the University of Iowa. He is a co-editor of Privatizing the Public University: Perspectives from Across the Academy, published in 2011 by Johns Hopkins University Press.

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