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At the School of Education Society of Excellence Awards dinner last Friday evening, Dean Andrews thanked faculty, staff, students and alumni for their hard work in helping the school achieve the #1 ranking. While praising the commitment and dedication of all faculty and students, the Dean said  those receiving awards represented the best of the best. He also praised SOE students for choosing the helping profession and wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. The ceremony recognized outstanding achievements by both faculty and students. Awards were presented to the following:

*Excellence in Teaching Award presented to :

  • Tamara Marder, PhD
  • Cathie Weber, MEd

*Al Thormeyer Award – presented to Melanie Nicole Stanson
*Diane Tobin Award – presented to :

  • Christina Renee Bos, MAT 2009 ( Alumni)
  • Kelsey S. Prakken, MAT 2015

Student Excellence Awards

  • Counseling – Courtney Cox
  • Educational studies, TFA – Jasmine Maze
  • Educational Studies , Educational Studies Interdisciplinary – Tina Hike-Hubbard
  • Administration and Supervision – Cheree Davis
  • Special Education – Dawn Fraser
  • Public Safety Leadership (BS in Organizational Leadership)- Capt. Ira Click
  • Intelligence Analysis (MS in Intel Analysis)- Jimmy Zammillo
  • Management (MS in Organizational Leadership) – David Lloyd

*Excellence in Teaching Award – presented annually by the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association recognizing university faculty who excel in the art of instruction.

*Al Thormeyer Award – presented annually to an outstanding graduating student in the part-time MAT program.


*Diane Tobin Award – presented annually to an outstanding student in the MAT or teacher leadership program.

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