Jennifer R. Morrison is an associate research professor and Deputy Director of Evaluation Research at the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University. Her research focuses on instructional strategies and message-design strategies in traditional and technological environments. At the Center for Research and Reform in Education, she leads mixed-methods research and evaluation projects focused on instructional design and educational technology, including district-wide technology integration initiatives and programs that affect content-area learning. She is also the recipient of a grant from the Institute for Educational Sciences to conduct a meta-analysis examining the effectiveness of educational technology on mathematics learning.

She is the recipient of a master’s research scholarship from Old Dominion University’s Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center, doctoral research fellowship, and masters scholarship award from the Association for Educational Communication and Technology. She has presented her research at local and national conferences, and has authored refereed journal articles. In addition, she is a reviewer for Educational Technology Research and Development and the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness. Previously, she served as a review editor for Frontiers in Educational Psychology and an assistant editor for the Journal of Computing in Higher Education.

Keywords: K-12 education; curriculum; evaluation; instructional design; educational technology; program evaluation.